American babies being admitted to hospital thanks to Biden’s formula shortage

Out of all the various crises facing America, thanks to President Joe Biden’s disastrous policymaking, nobody could have guessed that starving, malnourished American babies would be admitted to the hospital as a result of a baby formula shortage on Biden’s watch.

Yet, as the Daily Mail reported, that’s exactly what’s happening within the borders of the richest and most powerful country on Earth. Multiple reports have emerged from hospitals around the country admitting babies for malnourishment and other related issues directly due to the baby formula shortage.

While almost all formulas are in short supply, the most pressing shortages are the specialty formulas for infants who have special dietary needs, such as gluten-free or other formulas fortified with special ingredients.

“The Medical University of South Carolina confirmed that at least four babies have been admitted to the hospital due to the formula shortage as of Thursday night, while Dr. Mark Corkin said he’s treating two toddlers for the same issue at the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee,” one of the Mail’s reports indicated.

After weeks of dire warnings and the administration seemingly ignoring the situation, it finally acted last week by deploying the Defense Production Act (DPA) — typically reserved for extreme, wartime emergencies — to ship in tons of formula and force private businesses to increase production of the ingredients needed to make more here on U.S. soil.

The Daily Mail noted, “Operation Fly Formula will see the formula – sufficient to make 1.5 million eight ounce bottles – being flown from Ramstein American Air Base in Germany to Indiana, before being distributed nationwide.”

Hilariously, the White House isn’t letting a second of the scandal go to waste, as top officials are now pushing a narrative that its efforts to bring formula and production to the U.S. are heroic and unprecedented while, in fact, the problem originated with Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Their new narrative is almost as believable as the “PutinPriceHike” nonsense that it pushed for weeks to shift blame for record-setting inflation on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Voters will remember who starved American babies at the polls in November, and it darn sure wasn’t Republicans.