Almost 90% of immigrants released into United States not reported to ICE

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has yet to receive reports on almost 90 percent of the 50,000 migrants released into the United States by the Biden administration, according to Think Civics.

The publication reported that the administration has missed the 60-day window on almost nine out of 10 immigrants being released by the current administration’s new immigration policies.

It’s estimated that about 27,000 of the illegal aliens still have time within their allotted 60 days to report to ICE, according to an Axios report.

However, of the 10 percent who were reported to ICE in a timely manner, well over half have run out of time and disregarded the honor system to show up for their court appearances.

“That’s 2.4 no-shows for every one that has checked in,” the report stated.

So when CBP releases migrants with a request that they contact an immigration court, on their own initiative, to file an asylum claim that they will almost certainly be denied, you’re telling me that most of them just don’t do that? Huh.

— John Daniel Davidson (@johnddavidson) July 28, 2021

She went on to note that “those who do not report, like anyone who is in our country without legal status, are subject to removal by ICE.”

All of these issues come as Customs and Border Patrol have struggled under the weight of a massive influx in illegal immigrants at the southern border,

The Biden administration’s approach to dealing with the border crisis has had the opposite effect of the Trump administration’s policies with more migrants than ever flooding into the United States without the legal right to do so.

Despite frustration by legislators on both sides of the political aisle, there is no end in sight for law enforcement tasked with keeping the country secure.

“This is what opens borders looks like,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tweeted. “Biden lets in tens of thousands of illegal aliens WITHOUT court dates, and now only about 1 in 10 have checked in with ICE. This isn’t an accident.”