Alleged Biden assault victim Tara Reade blasts media for ignoring her story

Recently, President Joe Biden broke his silence on the astounding number of sexual harassment allegations leveled against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), revealing in an ABC News interview that Cuomo should resign and possibly prosecuted if the multiple claims are proven by an ongoing investigation.

However, Biden has a past with sexual harassment claims, too, with the most notable and recent allegation coming from accuser Tara Reade. According to Fox News, after Reade watched Biden’s interview, she slammed the president and the media for not taking her claims even remotely as seriously as they are the ones against Cuomo. 

Her anger was born out of Biden’s patronizing interview, in which he insisted that “A woman should be presumed to be telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by her coming forward.”

Reade held nothing back in her comments on the ongoing controversy, pointing out the obvious play by the media to shield Biden from her bombshell claims while he was in the midst of running in a high-stakes presidential campaign.

“The alarming deflection and compliance of the media to allow Joe Biden to negate his own sexual misconduct is predictable but still shocking as a survivor to be so publicly erased,” Reade told Fox News.

“Joe Biden got away with sexually harassing and assaulting me in 1993 and other women have also come forward with similar complaints,” Reade added. “Joe Biden ascended to the Presidency anyway.”

As of this writing, a staggering eight women — seven of which are former or current staffers — against Cuomo, which happens to be the same number of allegations against Biden. Virtually every high-profile Democrat in New York and in national politics has either come out against the New York governor or publicly issued calls for him to resign.

Reade never had any of that protection or backing from any party or media outlet, but she’s vowed to not give up on her mission to expose the new president for the sexual assault incident she alleges Biden committed against her in 1993.

“There will be a reckoning for Joe Biden one day for the sexual misconduct, the truth will prevail and he will not silence me,” Read said.

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      1. I don’t want to shake his hand, we all know where those fingers have been. Too bad Tara Reade can’t get him to take a lie detector test.
        He is nothing but a career politician with an amoral past. His wife was married when he started hitting on her. .He never should have won the 2020 election; it was bought and paid for him. Hope he drops dead !

    1. I sure hope he’s Impeached Immediately to at least be unsuitable to hold office. Wouldn’t that be Great?

      1. 1000% right, Ada !

        Question is, how and who would even try to impeach any of them after the entire DC and WH is full of marxists????
        Besides, some of the so called Republicans, as soon as they heard the words “ impeach Trump “, started shaking in their boots and got
        ready to vote yes …
        I’m talking about Romney, Collins, Murkovski, McConnell and all the rest of the RINOs …
        pitiful and hopeless !!!!!!

        1. Lots’ of ghosts in the closets of those four and many of the rest. That’s the worst part of Government. Get the goods on someone and they’re easily manipulated.

        1. Could and almost certainly WILL! Do you think sleepy will be able to function at all in a year? But I sincerely believe this is why Dems led by Obama put him in office! Using Joe as a puppet to push Obama’s agenda!

      2. They won’t even tell the public that he used and maybe still does who knows about this pervert shower with his own daughter. She is the one that told that !!!!!!!!!!! What kind of a thing is he !!!! Sure no President !!!!!

        1. that is pervered to shower with your grand daughter / and why wont they open his records / they are keeping sealed for special reasons

      3. I’ve been waiting for that and it should’ve been in place, ready to proceed from day one! This must include KamelToe, PigLoser and Scummer, as to not move up into those positions. So violating!

    2. Well you will find out the Democrats or Exempt from these charges and they have set up a Slush Fund to pay these people off with Our TAX Money Too but we do not want to Pay for them and that is Robbery too and we do not know their Names or how much they pay out to People either who know could be paying to family Member of their Own too another way to become a Millionaire on Our TAX Money too

    3. WHOA!
      So President Biden stated that all victims should be believed?????
      What about this lady, Tara Reade accusing him????
      They, the Democrats, in particular, Kamala Harris CRUCIFIED
      Judge Kavanaugh! His accuser did not remember Where or When!
      How she got to that palace or How she returned home!
      The one person who was to collaborate her charges
      stated that she knew NOTHING!
      But the FAKE media will ignore Tara Reade who has a lot more credibility
      than Mrs. Ford!

      1. For as long as the media, esp. the Big Tech, cover up the DemoRats’ lawbreakers, we won’t see any of those professional truth-twisters go to prisons. Don’t blame us, genuine independent voters!

    1. He never blinked an eye when it came to throwing stones at Cuomo……. now lets sit back and see what happens.

      1. Dear Rodzzz,

        Don’t hold your breath !!!
        Nothing is going to happen as long as they have the letter D next to their name !!!
        I always said that’s an inaccurate name for them … I think marxists is the most fitting one but nobody has the guts to call them by their
        real name…

    2. Robert, sir, do you really have any doubt that the marxists in the WH would go as far and as fast as possible ????
      They have the agenda already set , even long before Nov 3rd, so now they only have to push hard to make it happen !!!
      The country MUST be destroyed in order for them to do the BIG RESET !!!!!

      Sadly, it’s not going to be fun !!!!


    1. Tara sounds credible 10000%

      For all his 47 long yrs in politics all he did was making moronic comments, racists comments and sniffing women’s and girls’ hair and touching them everywhere… we’ve seen those shameful clips on YouTube ( before they pulled all of them in shame )
      Disgusting, shameless crook, pervert thug !!!!!

    1. Exactly right!
      We’ve seen that paragraph from his daughter’s diary referring to taking showers with “daddy “
      What kind of pervert “ daddy” would do something like that ????
      And this pervert moron is in the WH today ( along with all the other ones , no better than him ) !!!

      Disgusting, shameful!!!

  2. Again there are two standards. The dem. Get away with EVERYTHING and the American people are sick of this. So much injustice!

  3. Dah Ham there is a lot of horny bastards in our top government.hang them all throw them under the bus.

    1. If we did that Anonymous there wouldn’t be but a handful of Congressmen and they would deny it so much. Every Congressmen is guilty of this .
      It would shock you if you actually knew that there are over half of them that are guilty.

      1. But there is only 1 President. What kind of example does he send but a dirty, lecherous, disgusting, simple minded, lying, old dumb fart! Is that what America’s children should be aspiring to be?

  4. People in America. don’t seem to know what communism is, therefore they voted it for it. We are now at their mercy. If they commit to anything that is not right, proper or illegal, they will not suffer any consequences whatsoever and instead will blame anyone or anything else else for their miss guided behavior. They are still blaming President Trump for the border, there will come a time when that story will get old if it hasn’t already. It is only going to get worse. If you say or do something they do not agree with, you will be fined. and probably sent to mind control or jail. They are masters at mind control, in fact the entire government is. Politicians make me sick and I don’t care what party they belong to. They have let this misery grow for fifty years and now we are seeing the culmination of evil. They intend to do nothing to stop it and we are at their mercy.

      1. These criminals Luciferian servants will never be myn or your masters….. God will keep us from this tirany and also the second amendment!!!

  5. Ms, Read needs justice ,to be heard.Old Joe even admitted the woman should be believed.besides a woman would not put her self out there with allegations that are not true in front of the world.i believe these women they have true stories that need to be heard.the men need to be punished that includes Biden.

  6. What this man and many of his cronies have gotten by with is disgusting. I’m so scared for our country’s future.

    1. Agree with you Carolyn………….imagine our youth hearing/reading this kind of behavior. It’s DISGUSTING.

  7. It will never be taken anywhere. Big media stations won’t even cover it. News is no longer the real news. That’s where we have to start. Americans deserve to hear the truth not only 1 sided news.

  8. Here is my comment plain and simple,legally Biden should not be president,big tech the media and the cheating of the far left denied the rightful winner and qualified person to run this country,Biden was a disgrace as a senator and even more so as the president,he is a bum

  9. When I heard the tape recording of Tara Reade’s mom who called into a radio show when all this went down with creepy Joe, I was convinced.

  10. What if the allegations are true ??? Democrats will sweep it under the rug and forget about it !!! Shocking – democrats can do no wrong !!! What’s happened to America ??? Is America full of liars, con-artists, thieves and other unmentionable subjects !!! What’s it going to take to stop this crap – politicians aren’t doing a thing ???

  11. I agree with these comments, but as long as the media is in the demorat pockets, nothing will come of the alleged happenings. This country is headed in the wrong direction. May god help our future generations.

    1. Bozo is not even in charge !
      He has no idea if and when he’s coming or going..

      Hussein O in charge to finish his “ job”to
      “ fundamentally transforming America “, remember???

  12. With all this proof of Biden groping women and him getting in the White House after a rigged election we can hope he hits a brick wall and his world will crumble. I sure hope for that everyday. KARMA believe in it!!!

  13. What I saw with my own eyes was an older man slip twice and then fall and then use both hand rails to make it up the ramp, this was not a mis-step. How can the press and media try to convince us what we saw didn’t happen. Mind boggling or more to the point brain washing

    1. Well, see, Jeannette, the media( our masters) told us that what happened was because of the very strong wind ( about 15-20 miles/hr) so the poor moron couldn’t help it but fall !!!

      Otherwise, he’s strong and smart and wonderful !

  14. Joe and family should be behind bar’s for many crimes.
    Before Digital Joe announced that he was running for office, Barack told him, Joe! “you don’t need to do this.” Do what? Was there a plan already in place to rig the 2020 elections?
    Are we the frog boiling in the pan?
    While we are busy with Joe and the border, the Dem’s are in DC changing laws and paving the was for a new way of life in America. This all by design. May God be with us all.

  15. I use to feel sorry for Biden, but you know he is just a dirty old man! I am sick of the democrats and the rest of the world.
    I am ready for our President to come to help us out of the mess they made!

    1. Never ever feel sorry for someone who was in politics for 47 yrs doing absolutely nothing for the people, except for enriching himself and family, becoming millionaires .
      All he did was making moronic comments, racists comments, sniffing women’s hair and groping them … that’s about all he accomplished!!!

  16. As soon as Trumps 14 or 15 accusers are allowed to get compensated and brought into court to face Trump then you bunch of hypocrites can continue your rampage or are Republicans exempt from any harm.

    1. Trump accusers were all paid by Gloria Allred, and they al; backed out. Ha a conscience II guess.

  17. Now it’s obvious that someone from this website keeps on canceling my comments!!!!
    Mr Verne, sir , you are a fake moron and coward!!!

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