All nine Supreme Court justices received COVID-19 boosters

According to a recent report in The Washington Times, all nine of the Supreme Court of the United States justices received their COVID-19 booster shoot

The news was released on Tuesday when the court announced that the justices were staying up to date with their vaccinations and boosters. 

This news broke just days before the justices are tasked with hearing arguments over President Joe Biden’s vaccine workplace requirements. 

CNN reported early in this year that the nine justices were fully vaccinated in the spring, and while Scientists say that the booster is needed to provide “robust immunity” according to the publication, it has been hotly contested by some. 

This booster is one that could be part of a long line of upcoming shots that are being given in an attempt to ward off the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Israel is working on getting access, and potentially demanding, that their population receive a fourth shot, part of a continuation of the 

pharmaceutical companies attempt to create a solution to the pandemic. 

“Justices will hear oral arguments Friday in cases that challenge Mr. Biden’s vaccine mandate on certain health workers and his rule requiring companies with 100 or more workers to test unvaccinated employees weekly,” The Washington Times reported. 

The nation’s high court was working remotely at the start of the pandemic before they resumed their duties in person in October of 2021. 

Of the nine justices, Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh was found to test positive for the virus in October and Justice Amy Coney Barrett recovered from a bout of COVID-19 in 2020.