Alec Baldwin under fire for making alleged threat toward Twitter user

Actor Alec Baldwin’s career took a nosedive after he shot and killed a cinematographer on the set of his movie, Rust, last October. But since then, he has slowly emerged on social media, and recently drew criticism for a particularly nasty tweet. 

During the latest 1/6 House select committee hearings with surprise witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, making headlines with her second-hand stories about Trump, Baldwin tweeted, “Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent. I mean…what more do you need?”

One clever Twitter user immediately fired back, writing, “Better than shooting you cinematographer,” a reference to the death of cinematographer Hayla Hutchins.

That’s when Baldwin, according to many, went overboard in his response to the totally random Twitter user, clearly in a fit of rage. Many took Baldwin’s response as a threat.

“When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize,” Baldwin said in a now-deleted tweet. “I’ll find you Mike.”

Twitter users reacted harshly to Baldwin’s subtle threat, calling the Hollywood actor a “psychopath,” among other titles. Many said that Baldwin crossed the line, and is clearly unstable if he can’t handle a little heat from social media, like every other celebrity deals with on a daily basis.

Baldwin has denied responsibility for Hutchins’ death on multipole occasions, even though he pulled the trigger. In one instance, he described what he believed happened before he picked up the “hot” gun on set.

It reappeared. It materialized out of nowhere on top of a table in the truck, and she told me unequivocally that that box was the box the long colts were taken from to put into the gun. They went back to the box and there were multiple live rounds in the box. The point is, I have always maintained that this is an accident of negligence.

“Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who that is, but it’s not me,” Baldwin also said, maintaining that he did “not pull the trigger.”