Alabama judge removed from bench over ‘inappropriate comments,’ ‘pattern of abuse’

After rising through the ranks of the legal profession to take a seat on the bench in Alabama, former Judge Nakita Blocton was removed from her position for using abusive language toward colleague, mistreating staff, and exerting undue influence in proceedings over which she presided, as the New York Post reports.

The judgment of a nine-member panel of the Judicial Inquiry Commission included findings that Blocton, who hails from Jefferson County, exhibited a history of making “inappropriate comments and displayed a pattern of troubling conduct with regard to her employees, according to Law & Crime.

Among the most shocking findings against Blocton, then a circuit judge overseeing domestic relations matters, is that she utilized fake social media accounts to “communicate with litigants” in a pending case in order to impact its outcome, threatened a party to a divorce proceeding, and offered advice to another via the phony accounts.

Blocton also was accused of having used those same fake social media accounts to connect with divorce attorneys and feed information on fellow judges designed to sway the results in domestic relations cases.

The panel also found that Blocton forced staffers to work “excessive unproductive, and unnecessary nights and weekends” and noted that when she became aware that her conduct was being formally investigated, she forced employees to allow access to their personal phones for the purpose of deleting information that might be deemed relevant to the probe.

In addition to those instances of egregious conduct, Blocton was found to have “engaged in a pattern and practice of making inappropriate comments” to attorneys, fellow judges, and even employees, with “Uncle Tom,” “fat b****” and “heifer” among the insults she hurled at others in her orbit.

As the Daily Mail reported, Blocton was also said to have frequently been under the influence of medication while in chambers, a scenario which caused her to become “hyper-talkative and hyper-somnolent” as well as paranoid.

The judges who sat on the panel that reviewed the allegations determined that Blocton violated eight canons of judicial ethics and would therefore be removed from the office of Circuit Judge of Jefferson County, effective immediately.

Blocton’s attorney, Emory Anthony, expressed disappointment with the outcome, and while the now-former judge is reportedly weighing her options for possible recourse or appeal, it appears that the panel in this case had a strong factual basis for the conclusions it drew.