Alabama county judge booted from bench after allegations of ‘racist and sexist’ behavior

It’s not often that a high-ranking judge is removed from the bench for ethics violations, but that’s exactly what just played out in Alabama over the past week.

According to The Hill, Talladega County Judge John Randall Jinks was ousted from the bench after the Alabama Court of the Judiciary unanimously voted in favor of removing him for violating the state’s Canon of Judicial Ethics. 

Even worse for Jinks, he was removed after allegedly committing a number of disgraceful actions that are unbecoming of anyone, let alone an elected judge. Jinks was accused, by several of his former staffers, of engaging in “racist and sexist behavior” in the court.

The complaint against Jinks was originally filed in March by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission, which kickstarted an investigation into Jinks’ alleged behavior.

Some of the topics Jinks reportedly commented on included the highly-sensitive situation concerning the police-related death of George Floyd. The former judge reportedly made a number of “derogatory comments” about Floyd’s death to staffers both in person and during phone conversations.

One of the comments included, “You sons of bitches are going to need something to burn down after Trump gets reelected for a second term.”

Perhaps the proverbial nail in Jink’s coffin was when he reportedly made a remark to his office’s only Black employee concerning the purchase of a new vehicle. “I can’t even afford a car like that, and I’m the judge here. What are you doing? Selling drugs?” Jinks allegedly said.

Jinks was also nailed by the state’s judicial commission for allegedly showing inappropriate videos to staffers in his office, including a video of a woman doing a striptease.

Jinks’ attorney, Amanda Hardy, claimed that his removal was politically motivated in a statement after he was removed from the bench, claiming the former judge “has spent his entire life not being accused of being a racist. Once he entered politics and became the first Republican to hold that office, that all changed.”