After top military leaders go on the attack, Tucker Carlson ends the battle in one perfect segment

Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson in a bizarre situation last week as he was targeted by top Pentagon leaders after he criticized President Joe Biden’s push to transform the U.S. military into a more “feminine” version than what it currently is.

In the wake of receiving massive blowback for his comments, Carlson used his massive platform on Friday to strike back at the “woke” generals who retaliated against him, suggesting that he survived “Operation Silence-The-Talk-Show-Hosts,” and took another shot at some of America’s military leaders, according to the Daily Caller.

Carlson, during his show, held nothing back as he went after the suddenly-woke generals and suggested that while his team was initially rattled by the Pentagon’s response to his critique, he realized that if those generals take the same approach against him as they did versus the Taliban, that his show will emerge just fine.

“Then we realized, if the woke generals treat us like they’ve treated the Taliban, we’ll be fine. Twenty years later, the Taliban are still here,” Carlson said. “Maybe if we would have promised the Pentagon that we’ll get rid of traditional gender roles on this show, change the pronouns, defeat the patriarchy and all that, then they’d send us billions in unmarked hundred dollar bills as a reward.”

The Fox News host went on to joke that if he continues his criticism of new military policies that include maternity suits for female pilots and other gender-inclusive additions, the generals might “kick-start our struggling opium poppy business.”

Not surprisingly, thanks to social media and the opportunity to attack a conservative media personality, Carlson’s initial comments were twisted far out of context. Critics of Carlson rewrote his initial attack as one that was against all women in the military, which is simply untrue.

A majority of Carlson’s critique came on the heels of Biden appointing two women to combatant commander roles, which wasn’t a first, but was certainly rare. Carlson simply pointed out that Biden appears to be filling top leadership roles with selections based on race and/or gender, as he’s done with many other appointments since becoming president.

Regardless, the fact that a number of Pentagon and top military leaders attacked a cable news talk show host is certainly alarming and it’s definitely not ideal optics for the Biden administration.