After top military leaders go on the attack, Tucker Carlson ends the battle in one perfect segment

Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson in a bizarre situation last week as he was targeted by top Pentagon leaders after he criticized President Joe Biden’s push to transform the U.S. military into a more “feminine” version than what it currently is.

In the wake of receiving massive blowback for his comments, Carlson used his massive platform on Friday to strike back at the “woke” generals who retaliated against him, suggesting that he survived “Operation Silence-The-Talk-Show-Hosts,” and took another shot at some of America’s military leaders, according to the Daily Caller.

Carlson, during his show, held nothing back as he went after the suddenly-woke generals and suggested that while his team was initially rattled by the Pentagon’s response to his critique, he realized that if those generals take the same approach against him as they did versus the Taliban, that his show will emerge just fine.

“Then we realized, if the woke generals treat us like they’ve treated the Taliban, we’ll be fine. Twenty years later, the Taliban are still here,” Carlson said. “Maybe if we would have promised the Pentagon that we’ll get rid of traditional gender roles on this show, change the pronouns, defeat the patriarchy and all that, then they’d send us billions in unmarked hundred dollar bills as a reward.”

The Fox News host went on to joke that if he continues his criticism of new military policies that include maternity suits for female pilots and other gender-inclusive additions, the generals might “kick-start our struggling opium poppy business.”

Not surprisingly, thanks to social media and the opportunity to attack a conservative media personality, Carlson’s initial comments were twisted far out of context. Critics of Carlson rewrote his initial attack as one that was against all women in the military, which is simply untrue.

A majority of Carlson’s critique came on the heels of Biden appointing two women to combatant commander roles, which wasn’t a first, but was certainly rare. Carlson simply pointed out that Biden appears to be filling top leadership roles with selections based on race and/or gender, as he’s done with many other appointments since becoming president.

Regardless, the fact that a number of Pentagon and top military leaders attacked a cable news talk show host is certainly alarming and it’s definitely not ideal optics for the Biden administration.

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  1. A pregnant soldier or pilot of which ever branch of the military needs to take leave and take care of herself and not be subjected to what military people are subjected to. That would be a good thing to do and it would not be a bad thing at all. Priorities are that a pregnant women takes care of herself and the child that she carries. Work is always waiting when you get done with your pregnancy, delivery and time for the new born. The military is a JOB and should not be seen as anything else. And if you are the only support of your family then there should be an alternate position for you until you are done with your pregnancy, delivery, and time with your new born.

  2. Come on a pregnant soldier would make a bigger target than normal(snicker). Come on joe send your old lady JILL she is ugly enough to stop a bullet.

  3. Thank you, Tucker!!! Great job. We need more people (especially news media!!) like you. Thanks for putting the TRUTH out there for all to hear!!

  4. Tucker is a rock star of real proportion. I make sure to either tape or watch him nightly after I watch newsmax.

  5. The military has survived for over 240 years we do not a bunch of afraid of their shadow liberals messing with it. Let the generals alone and get the politics out of the military.

    1. You might want to look a little further at who those generals are sir. We have some that would not be worth spit in my book. Because they are nothing but politics and that is how they got where they are in the first place. I have many wonderful military people in my family and they are disgusted at what is going on in the military right now.

    1. Agreed but if they continue at the rate they are going in the Senate and the Congress. They will have even the next election so Freaking messed up and corrupt that no one will have a chance to win a race at all. We need to stand up and say enough is enough with all this stuff. Our military men and women are wonderful people and they are being disrespected every day by their own command and that is totally unacceptable. As for the border being in crisis that is an understatement at this point. And it won’t be long we will probably be looking at more terrorist acts going down in this country since they are going to be able to come in and out as they please. And this is going to effect other countries as well. God please protect us and help us eliminate this decease that we have in the government right now.


  7. Unfortunately, there are “bad apples” in every barrel! Our military service is no exception, in my opinion. I served in the United States Air Force in a B-52 Bomber wing, and two things I distinctly recall from general LeMay’s orders were 1) “There is no room for complacency in this organization”, and 2) “You have to be better than good, just to wash out.” In my opinion, Strategic Air Command was combat ready and aircraft air worthy, 24/7. No time, no political nonsense was wasted. God bless America and its military personnel, past, present and future.

    1. Well state! But just don’t forget about all those remark from Biden calling our military the enemy of this country. Same thing was done by OBAMA! His son Hunter got kick out of the military for drugs abused!

      1. Impeach Biden. He is disgraceful. His opening the Southern border is totally insane. All Biden is doing is destroying our country.

  8. I’m a veteran of over 20 years and during my service I’ve seen women in the workforce from administration to helicopter pilots with no problems I know of. This doesn’t say there were not problems – I just have not seen it. Women I have worked with have been professional people, There have been bad apples but also of men. I’ve been from infantry to admin and have seen no problems except for the combat arms because of all the field time. What am I missing – a body to fill the void is always a good sight – especially when getting a job done is at stake. The duty is physically challenging with most functions as relates to the military. What is the ratio of combat soldiers to support soldiers – that should explain a lot. This is just my observation having seen it from all sides.

  9. According to the Bible you can’t serve two masters; it’s either GOD or money, not the devil, not some Earthly ruler, it’s money. It has become rather obvious who many on both sides of the aisle choose to follow.

  10. If the journalists were honest people all newspapers/shows would be like Tucker Carlson and not ignoring important things happening to and in our country. Thanks Tucker!!

  11. Loved Tucker from the beginning of his media reign. He is straight-on about the now leftist military. Shaking my head…🙄

    1. More than impeached! You know as well as I do. PELOSI WILL NOT IMPEACHED HIM! He part of the problem in our CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT! Not one DEMONcrat care about AMERICA.

    2. The entire administration needs to be impeached or removed. If Biden is taken out Kamala and Nancy will be in charge both taking their marching orders from Obama and Susan Rice and the rest of Obamas conniving team. We have that to look forward to, unfortunately. We need to take back the house in 2022 and in order to do that we have to play as nasty as the lying dems do.

  12. It Appears that Biden is the most Racist President EVER!!! He’s choosing only based on race which is against the law. All people should be treated equal.

    1. Biden is the most progressist president in the past 50 years. His government reflects the American people as we know it. Do not forget that we living in a multi-racial society with different needs. Every ethnicity has to be represented in the government. Only ignorant white supremacists think they are alone in this world, everything belongs to them. This country was built by Black slaves on a stolen territory. White supremacists are the parasites of this land.

      1. Wow. Not TOO racist, are you, fella. So sick of the black whine. We’ve all been slaves along the way. You are nothing special, just more recent. I’m going to try and get reparations from those horrid, white, Normands. oh, this wasn’t a country before the Whites, with their superior intelligence, landed. Just bands of nomads who layed waste to the land and moved on. They didn’t even have the wheel…get real.

      2. Yes first president to ever own and operate two terrorist groups BLM and Antifa . White surpremacy at its best. Yes first president to allow and support the deaths from these Surpremacy terrorist. Burning of both black and white business. Beating and killing children. Cops and old people. Yes you must be a proud sicko communist loving bastard

      3. And You George are a major contender of bigotry, bias and racism. And Biden’s government does not reflect the American people at all as you say. We do live in a multi cultural and racial society but that does not give the right to one culture or race to contend that they are the only ones here that have any rights. And that they are the ones that need to be bowed down to period. We all were doing much better with our unity until Biden went into office and BLM became the judging factor as to who is who and why you must bow down and kiss someone’s A** because of the color of their skin. If you truly believe that the country should be united in its efforts to treat everyone equal then quick acting like you are superior to everyone else. And you need to understand one more thing and that is that some of the Blacks that came to this country way back when were owned and enslaved by their own Cultural people. Have a good day sir !!!!!!

    2. Amen! Can go back to the 90’s when he was attacking black people and hispanic. Now he attacking White people!!!! Sure must be Obama telling him what to say.

  13. Thank God, Tucker Carlson has the courage to tell it like it is! We need more media personnel to get some courage, check their facts and “tell it like it is” not what the Demos want you to hear! God Bless our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Great Country the United States of America!

      1. Hate, bigotry, corrupt politicians and corrupt big Techs are running this country and our forefathers are turning over in their graves!!

      2. Hate is ruining our country, did they hate Trump so bad they are all willing to sacrifice the American people, please explain,we don’t get what we did to deserve this mess. We are not after their money, title or anything I can think about. Why, most of you have plenty, what is the deal, except drunk with power.

      1. The attack of the USA’s Military office of the Pentagon against a TV talk show host show a lot about where our nations military’s attention is directed !!

        1. This whole country is going to Hell under Biden. Not just figuratively. There is a God in Heaven who is watching. Biden, Harris and the Democrats may think their winning but woe unto them.

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