After being snubbed at Biden’s first presser, Fox News’ Peter Doocy confronts Jen Psaki

After an astonishing 64-day stretch in the White House, President Joe Biden graced us with his first press conference on Thursday. Biden called on a pre-selected list of reporters from virtually every major media outlet except for Fox News, which left the network’s White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, with plenty of additional questions.

According to the Washington Times, Doocy had to wait a day, but he was finally able to corner White House press secretary Jen Psaki on why Fox News was snubbed during the president’s first press conference. Psaki danced around his questions with excuses and ended with a compliment regarding Doocy’s socks. 

During Friday’s White House press briefing, Doocy held nothing back as he made Psaki aware of several observations regarding the White House’s treatment of Fox News, asking if their standoffish attitude toward the network was official policy.

“We noticed starting at the end of the campaign, and then into the transition and here at the White House, anytime that the president has an event where he is given a list of reporters to call on, Fox is the only member of the five-network TV pool that has never been on the list in front of the president,” Doocy noted while asking if it was a Biden administration policy.

Psaki’s response was predictably weak, implying because the two were having an exchange at that moment that the White House is not purposely snubbing Fox News or the network’s reporters.

She attempted to turn the tables on Doocy, pointing out that the president has taken questions from him on the campaign trail and during public outings. But Doocy clapped back, reminding her that he’s usually the last to get a question in, which he typically has to shout, and more often than not Biden’s response is a series of mumblings or weird attempts at humor.

“I’m always happy to have this conversation with you — even about your awesome socks you’re wearing today, and have a conversation with you even when we disagree,” Psaki said in response to Doocy’s inquiry.

A number of media pundits and social media users presumed the obvious — that Biden purposely ignored Doocy as he likely would have been the only one in the room at the press conference to ask legitimately tough questions, unlike the rest of the press pool, who tossed the 78-year-old, seemingly confused president softball after softball.

The only thing America learned as a result of Biden’s press conference is that given how bad it was and the terrible optics for Biden, it’ll likely be a very long time before we see another one.