Afghanistan’s president has fled the country

The fall of Afghanistan was essentially made official on Sunday morning when it was reported to the world that the nation’s president fled the country as Taliban forces closed in on his location.

As the Washington Examiner reported, President Ashraf Ghani skipped out on his people as Taliban forces completed their march to the country’s capital city, saying in a statement after he was out of harm’s way that he had a “hard choice” to make in determining whether to flee or not. 

While Ghani has taken an extreme amount of criticism for what many felt was a cowardly action, the former president attempted to explain why he made the choice to flee to safety while Taliban forces continued to secure strategic areas of the city.

“Today, I came across a hard choice; I should stand to face the armed Taliban who wanted to enter the palace or leave the dear country that I dedicated my life to protecting and protecting the past twenty years,” Ghani reportedly wrote in a Facebook post.

Translated, he continued: “The Taliban have made it to remove me, they are here to attack all Kabul and the people of Kabul. In order to avoid the bleeding flood, I thought it was best to get out. Taliban have won the judgement of sword and guns and now they are responsible for protecting the countrymen’s honor, wealth and self-esteem.”

According to a number of media outlets, Ghani apparently used his last powers as president to flee to nearby Tajikistan, though reports from a number of Indian media outlets claim that he was denied entry and, instead, ended up landing in Oman.

At least one remaining high-ranking Afghan official, Afghan National Reconciliation Council chief Abdullah Abdullah, stayed behind, and will reportedly meet with Taliban leadership in Qatar in the coming days.

As Fox News reported Monday morning, videos emerged of what appeared to be hundreds — if not more — Afghans desperately clinging to American aircraft departing from the airport in Kabul in a last attempt to flee the incoming Taliban rule.

Also as of Monday, President Joe Biden has yet to release as much as a statement on the catastrophic development in the Middle East, let alone address America or the world.