Advocacy groups for various issues reportedly disappointed in VP Harris’ job performance

At this point, it’s not a secret that a growing number of Democrats aren’t exactly thrilled with Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance on the job.

According to USA Today, that sentiment is being made public by some progressives, including Fernando García, the executive director of the Border Network for Human Rights, who told the outlet that he was once hopeful about Harris’ potential, adding that his view has now changed, and it’s not good for the vice president. 

The primary concern for García, given his job, is the chaos that has erupted at the southern U.S. border, which happens to be a job Harris was tasked with handling, which she still hasn’t accomplished.

“I think we’re in a moment where there’s great despair, anguish and disappointment by a number of things that have happened lately,” García said, pointing to the border issues.

He added: “I do believe that if anything is going to change, if there is some force within the administration to really push for change into a more humane approach to immigration, a reform to actually mirror American values, one that also values immigrants, it will come from the vice president,” going on to say that so far, groups like his are “still waiting.”

But the disappointment in Harris reaches far beyond a singular issue, as USA Today noted that it spoke with literally dozens of advocates representing different hot topics unfolding across the country, and while they initially had high hopes for Harris, those hopes seem to be fading, fast.

The outlet pointed to a recent USA TODAY/Suffolk poll that revealed Harris’ polling numbers are falling like President Joe Biden’s, noting that only 28% of Americans approve of her performance, while a whopping 51% feel the opposite.

That 28% approval rating, which is beyond dismal, was 10 points lower than Biden’s, who only stands at 38% approval in the same poll.

But nothing that USA Today reported is new news for most of the country, as Americans struggle with the rising costs of goods and services, to include gas prices, and an ongoing supply-chain disruption that the Biden-Harris administration can’t seem to get a handle on.