Actress Rosanne Arquette asking followers if they think SCOTUS Justices are KKK members

Actress Rosanne Arquette made headlines when she questioned whether United States Supreme Court justices were members of the Ku Klux Klan, according to Fox News.

Arquette tweeted her question on Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd.

“I wonder how many Supreme Court judges are members of the kkk,” she wrote, without giving any reason as to why she was questioning the members of the nation’s high court.

Answers to her tweet ranged from encouraging the actress to outrage at the wild speculation and everything in between, though the vast majority had aggressively derogatory comments to make about the conservative judges on the court.

“Probably a couple of them including Clarence Thomas…,” replied one user, referencing the court’s only Black member.

One poster took the question seriously, breaking down the court’s makeup, saying: “Well, there are six Catholics, one of whom is black, and two Jews. That only leaves maybe Gorsuch. Not sure how the Klan feels about Episcopalians… But I can tell you they ain’t too keen on the rest.”

“I wonder how many brain cells I just lost reading this,”said a third.

The Pulp Fiction actress has long been an outspoken progressive on Twitter and frequently criticizes Republicans, slams those she believes are exercising White privilege, and speaks out for far-leftist causes.

“The barbaric death of George Floyd changed the world ,as (sic) well as the many human beings who  were also murdered at the hands of violent racist police officers  .Black Lives Matter ,we will never forget. Rest in power Sir,” she wrote about the death that sparked international outrage.

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19 Responses

  1. What makes these so-called actors think they are so smart and that the normal citizen cares what they think. They open their mouths and complete and total ignorance flows out.

  2. I wonder how many of them (actors and actresses) are practicing pedofiles and/or practicing satanists.

  3. WHOA!
    Talk about a very STUPID statement!
    Visit my Uncle Vito’s Italian Butcher Shop in Astoria, NY!
    On Thursday it’s two for one!
    Ge a pound of brains, Rosanne!!!!

  4. Because her brother is a pervert trans, the has been or rather never was thinks she matters or anything she says matter to anyone……..Another wanna be looking for attention….ok honey go back under your dem rock…

  5. I had to search who this person was and even then even seeing her picture don’t know who she is. Why do these “actors?” think they know what’s good for everyone else? They live in a make believe world!

  6. Actress Rosanne Arquette seems badly in need of emotional therapy. She also could do with a little reality in that make-believe acting world she lives in.

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