73% of Trump voters say he was the legitimate winner – Biden gets 3%

In news that’s sure to shock anyone who is living in a mainstream media bubble, almost all Trump fans feel that Joe Biden stole the election.

A recent poll from CNBC found that “only 3% of Trump voters surveyed said they accept Biden’s victory as legitimate…A staggering 73% of respondents consider Trump the legitimate winner.”

I can’t imagine how those pollsters at CNBC felt when they saw these results. Despite weeks of constant brainwashing from the mainstream media, Trump still has the loyal support of his followers.

We all remember moments like these:

Hopefully, those supporters will get good news about Trump’s fight against voter fraud soon. Things in Pennsylvania are looking up:

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  1. Hillary advised Biden by telling him “whatever you do, don’t concede the election”. We knew at that moment if we hadn’t known all along, the democrats planned to rig the election. President Trump said, he was winning at midnight and when he got up in the morning he was behind. Millions of Bidens votes were made in the wee hours of the morning just after they knew the number to flood the ballot box with. If you believe that, we have some good bargains on bridges.

  2. Can’t agree with you more. President Trump is the chosen one and he is the rightful winner of the 2020 election. It’s the people who elected President Trump and not Dominion Voting System or crooked liberals. God bless America

  3. I also was a Democrat until bath house Barry appeared on the scene! I saw the way he would take the country and left the party, went REPUBLICAN, and have not once regretted my decision! We ALL know this election was rigged from killarys loss in 2016. The demonrats ( Obama easecially) thought they had that election all sewn up for killary, but—— President Trump fooled them and won! They have been out for blood since then, trying to take President Trump down by any means possible. President Trump won this election as well, and will prevail! The American people stand behind him 100 percent! The down ballots should be looked into as well, it just may prove more republicans won congressional seats as well. We all must stand behind our President Trump and demand re counts in every state in question, find the fraud that is clearly evident!

  4. I am 81 and I was a Demc.for a while before becoming a Rep. I have never seen anything like what is going on now. Just to let you know, this is the best President we have. Ever had in my life and you all had better keep him as long as you can. God will let us know what will happen in the end.


  6. Anyone with half a brain, that includes all democrats knows this was a stolen election. Never concede President Trump, insist that the SCOTUS take this proven fraud case and reverse the results. I am an old man 90 and have voted in every election since 1952, I give at least 5% of my gross income to Trump and my congressman. Now I am willing to stand with my weapon with like minded patriots and hold the line against communists, BLM, antifa and other mentally retarded voters who threaten our freedom. Who will join up?

    1. I’m nearly 80 myself, and I’ll fight these Commie bastards! So should every Patriotic American! Come on people grow a pair, stand up, and say oh hell no! We need to protect and preserve our Constitution and our President! I have fought Commies in one form or another for decades! President Trump is the rightfully chosen President, and everyone knows it! So stand up and make yourselves heard! God Bless America!

  7. Yes of course the dems are corrupt to the bone, along with the fake news, hollywood, academia, big tech, etc. But what can be done about it. It’s hard to beat the lie’s and all the cheating going on. I vote and I donate to the Trump campaign. What more can I do. America is a great country but half it’s people are either plain dumb or are corrupt themselves.

  8. 73% and more if you didn’t get the rest of the replies. Most legitimate intelligent people know for a fact that our President Trump won this election by very far numbers and that the deep state controlled democrats are lying along with the help of crooked Media that Biden . They are fighting for their lives to cover up the fake dossier/Fisa investigation. The crooked lying of the impeachment, the Mueller report,Netherlands Biden’s,Clinton’s, Obama’s and others connections to China, Iran and Ukraine’s dealings. They stole using money laundering , over 13 million from the people of Ukraine. Ukraine has proof of all this wheeling and dealings and they want their money back. Both Biden’s and family along with others made billions of dollars off this crooked scheme. They want it all buried so they will do anything to get rid of their mess so they don’t all go to prison for treason, laundering, Logan act or anything else. Wake up America, these democrats need to go to prison for all this and more. They’ve even stole money from all of us.
    This deep state business needs to be broken up and never allowed to get so big again. (Silicon Valley, Parts of Hollywood, Apple, Googles, Facebook, Twitter, ect. Just to name a few.

    1. I think that we need a ‘reset’….let’s just start President Trump’s 1st 4 years over and then he can do his 2nd term starting 2024! With all of the cheating, obstruction, disgusting behavior by the left, lets censor them down (penalty for lying ie CNN), and show the American people what a real 1st term of President Trump can really do for we the American people.

  9. So what on earth does this tell you we know who the winner is let Him do His job send biden somewhere else like deport him

  10. Trump won this election! What it shows now is that our votes don’t count because of the democratic corruption they’ve destroyed Americans votes and everything that goes with it. Our freedom, are boats are supposed to count, now they don’t count. This has to be corrected or this country is done!

  11. You think the guy that can’t put 2 sentences together or doesn’t know the difference between his wife and sister won? What planet are you from?

  12. Let all conservatives Pray the the Lord will install President Trump as winner of the Election. We do not deserve him, but we need him more than he needs us! To God be the Glory!

  13. we all know that Biden will NEVER last as the President of the USA because he is LOSING his memory -mind and is just plain a damn crook— and he wont be able to handle anything that requires thinking on the hard level–face it he id too damn old — and most likely a big big time fraud–

  14. the democrooks are nothing but organized crime , thats why they don’t want an outsider in the white house , these judges and sec. of state that don’t want investigating voter fraud need to be investigated themselves , because they are in and are corrupted themselves. they need to resign because they are not for the American people . people need to be held accountable

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