7 year old dies of wounds after drive by shooting in Atlanta

Days after being shot while riding in her aunt’s car, 7-year-old Kennedy Maxie has succumbed to her injuries.

Despite being killed in a liberal city that suffered from prolonged “Black Lives Matter” riots this summer (Atlanta), there is no indication Maxie’s killing will spark unrest, outrage, or even notice in our political or media enclaves.

CBS46 reports:

Atlanta Police said Kennedy was wounded the night of Dec. 21 while inside a vehicle. She was struck by a bullet as she and her aunt, the driver, were passing Phipps Plaza in Buckhead.

The child’s aunt heard what sounded like several gunshots, but was not aware her niece had been struck until the child began acting strangely.

Kennedy Maxie was rushed to the hospital for surgery, but doctors were unable to save her.

The gunman is still at large.

Maxie’s death is part of a troubling trend of increasing violence in major cities – usually run by liberal administrations that spent all summer empowering criminals and arguing for defunding the police.

Atlanta’s Democratic mayor, Keisha Bottoms, a vocal critic of President Trump, acknowledged that violent crime was on the rise in the city even before Maxie’s death.

“We recognize that we are seeing an uptick in crime in Atlanta, and unfortunately Atlanta’s not alone because this is a national trend,” Mayor Bottoms said. “We were seeing our numbers tick a bit upwards before the pandemic began, and in the midst of the pandemic – on top of the social unrest that we’ve seen across the country – we’ve seen those numbers go up even more.”

She may claim to “recognize” the problem, but the fact is that Mayor Bottoms and her ilk ARE the problem. Politicians sowed the wind when they enabled the BLM-fueled unrest earlier this year – now they’re reaping the whirlwind.