Emblematic of the ongoing tantrum pro-abortion activists have been throwing since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, members of far-left protest group ShutDown DC – upon receiving a tip about his whereabouts – mobilized and effectively forced Justice Brett Kavanaugh to exit swiftly through the back of Morton’s steakhouse in the nation’s capital, where he was dining, as Politico reports.

Once the progressive rabble rousers learned where the conservative jurist was eating Wednesday night, they made their way to the establishment’s front door and placed calls to the restaurant manager urging him to boot Kavanaugh from the premises.

Reports indicate that Kavanaugh had no interaction or face-to-face confrontation with the assembled demonstrators, but that fact did not stop Morton’s from issuing a statement slamming what transpired in relation to their customer, according to The Hill.

“Honorable Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and all of our other patrons at the restaurant were unduly harassed by unruly protestors while eating dinner at our Morton’s restaurant,” the communication began.

Morton’s management continued, “Politics, regardless of your side or views, should not trample the freedom at play of the right to congregate and eat dinner.”

“There is a time and place for everything. Disturbing the dinner of all our customers was an act of selfishness and void of decency,” the statement concluded.

In response, ShutDown DC offered an unsurprisingly juvenile riposte, tweeting, according to the New York Post, “No rights for us, no peace for you. Get F***ed @mortons.”

Not content to have ruined Kavanaugh’s dinner out, the far-left activist group is also offering like-minded agitators a bounty for providing them with real-time location information on him or any other of the high court justices who voted to reverse Roe, namely, Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, and John Roberts, as the Post reported separately.

“We’ll venmo you $50 for a confirmed sighting and $200 if they’re still there 30 mins after your message,” the group tweeted to its followers, and sadly, there is probably no shortage of misguided radicals who are ready and willing to take full advantage of the deal.