Sen. Marco Rubio to introduce bill denying federal funds to cities allowing non-citizens to vote

If a measure set to be introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is successful in Congress, federal funds will be withheld from a growing number of localities allowing non-citizens to vote, potentially throwing a wrench into Democrat leaders’ plans to win elections through unpopular – and in some cases unconstitutional – means.

As the Washington Times reports, Rubio’s proposal comes immediately on the heels of a New York City Council decision permitting legal resident non-citizens to vote in local contests, a development which prompted the senator to declare, “No city which allows non-U.S. Citizens to vote should receive U.S. government funds.”

Rubio further vowed, “Next week, I am going to file a bill to make that the law.”

Late last week, the New York City Council approved a measure that would let non-citizens to cast ballots in municipal elections and, if it is signed by the mayor, the bill would make the Big Apple the biggest American city to facilitate this type of voting, as Reuters noted.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson stated prior to the body’s vote on the measure, “I am proud to be voting on legislation that will give the right to vote to green card holders and people who are authorized to work in the United States of America.”

Even so, a poll conducted by Americans for Citizen Voting on Thursday revealed that 61% of likely voters in New York do not agree with non-citizen participation in elections, as the Times pointed out.

New York is not the only noteworthy jurisdiction trending toward allowing non-citizens to vote, as San Francisco permits legal residents to vote in school board elections, and selected municipalities in Vermont as well as eleven separate Maryland cities also permit such individuals to cast ballots in local and/or school board races as well.

However, it is not just those who are skeptical about the partisan motivations behind such leniency in voting rules who are underscoring the flaws with such provisions, as constitutional experts – particularly in New York – are raising red flags about their legality given that Article 2, Section 1 of the state’s constitution specifies a grant of the franchise only to “every citizen” over 18 years of age, as the New York Post notes.

Try as they might to sway future elections to their preferred liberal candidates by wrongfully expanding the local — and perhaps eventually the national — voter base to include non-citizens, there will hopefully always be lawmakers like Rubio standing ready to keep Democrats such as those on the New York City Council neatly in check.