Biden ends terrorist ban

Liberty Nation reports:

“Just 22 days after Houthi militia terrorists – also known as Ansarallah – carried out an attack on the airport at the Yemeni port of Aden, President Biden lifted a ban on travelers from that country…

Then less than a month after the lifting of the travel ban, Biden’s secretary of state, Antony Blinken, notified Congress that he intended to revoke the designation of Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) for the Iran-backed Yemeni Houthi militia.

The Trump administration designated the Houthi militia a terrorist organization because it did what terrorists do. 

Fox News reporter Greg Norman described the December 30 attack on Yemeni government Cabinet members arriving at the Aden airport in which 16 innocents were killed and 60 wounded:

“The members of the Yemeni government’s newly formed Cabinet, including Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed, were greeted with a loud explosion soon after its plane landed Wednesday in the city of Aden, in what an official is calling a ‘cowardly terrorist attack carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.’”

What does removing the State Department FTO designation from the militia mean? It means revoking the restrictions, such as it being unlawful for a person in the U.S. to knowingly provide “material support or resources.”

Read the full story here.

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  1. God commands us to pray for our leaders – we can see why now. We could see it in the last administration as well. God does not say to only pray for the good ones, but just pray for our leaders. God does not differentiate if they are believers in Him or not, just to pray…… pray we must!
    “Dear Father, Please forgive us for our sins as a nation. Forgive us for the sin of abortion that we now export. Forgive us for standing against Israel, Forgive us for not adhering to your Holy Word. Forgive us for allowing corruption to become so commonplace. I ask that you send a believer who will present Pres Biden the opportiunity to invite Jesus into his heart. I pray you burden his heart to know you and your Word, that he would not only study but follow. I pray Father that you will instill in him a righteousness whereby the will lead this whole nation, not just one party. You are the only One who can do this Father! Thank you in Jesus Name – AMEN!

  2. Gropes’s and Jill’s daughter’s diary references inappropriate showers with daddy when she was a kid. Nice, Mr ‘President’ and ‘Dr’ Jill.

  3. You are so right. I am so glad someone has managed to get the truth out. Biden did not win the election, Trump did. They cheated big time an knew they could get away with it There are a lot of Democrats who voted for Trump because they believed in him and realize what he had done for our nation in a very short period of time. We need him back or someone who loves our country and willing to fight for it and us.

  4. Don’t know if it’s possible but some one should start a RECALL THE DICTATOR petition he will ruin this country

  5. When Mr. Obama didn’t leave DC after Mr. Trump took office, I thought the fix (whatever it might turn out to be) was in. Now with Tony Blinkin over at Foggy Bottom, I propose a new short title for the triumvirate at the top of this admin – VPotus, SecState, POTUS = Winkin’ Blinkin, and Nod (in that order)

  6. We need to get Biden out of the White House, and Obama out of our government! HE is the one running this presidency, Biden is just the stooge doing what Obama says! He has NO right or business in our government, he is a has – been fake president, no place for him in this White House, other than bieng the voice in biden’s Ear. You can bet he is laughing his arse off at the stupidity of the people who voted for grandpa gropes the pedo!

  7. This man is so disgusting and I think he is still whispering into little ears when he thinks no one is paying attention too! Remember when he was whispering into the young girls ears at THE Peoples’ House THE White House when he confirmed the girls dad? If I had been that Mom I would have siad” Excuse why & what are you whispering into my daughters ear?”
    Joe Biden is our so called president but he is not at all presidential! I remember when in school growing up we were taught to respect the office even if we did not like the president & this president is sorely misguided for sure! Lord please help us get these people out of office before all the country goes out of WACK!!
    People please read this book it is called A American and it is a series of 9 I think! My husband & I read the whole series and it needs to be read by every single American who gives a DARN too! You can find them online just go to A American and I hope I am not too LATE TO TELL YOU about these books! BUT DO READ THEM! YOUR VERY LIVES CAN AND MAY DEPEND ON THESE BOOKS! Remember A America and your local library too. they can get them for you because they did for us! It is about losing all Electricity, because the Government took it away from us!! So Seriously read them all!

  8. biden is an idiot. The democrats are afraid of Trump supporters, conservatives and basically the American people. This is so apparent by the National Guard still present in DC. They continue to run false narratives in hopes they will get some support. What these fools don’t understand is respect is earned. When you steal an election, use FISA courts to push a Russian hoax and continue with fake impeachments, sign executive orders so numerous that they don’t even mean anything anymore, spend money we don’t have and continue to allow illegal immigrants into the country…well they are a disaster… President Trump still rules the day!

  9. Remember the old movies when the crazy man took over the world!!!
    This is what is happening!!
    THEY have successfully stopped conservative free speech.
    THEY have gone after our weapons!!
    THEY control all the functions of the computers!!!
    THEY know everything we do and where we are!!

    1. They’ll find me terribly boring. I get up in the morning, cook breakfast, feed the cats, and go to work, come home, feed the cats, cook supper, go to bed…and it starts all over again come morning. The only people I text, or talk to is mom & dad. I no longer have twitter, or facebook, I closed both accounts. So, if they want to spy on me, I couldn’t care less…although the cats might not like it, they can’t stand Democrats.

  10. are you all aware that there is an article on the internet, that is written by his daughter Ashley Biden that says he molested her since she was a little girl. It made me sick to my stomach. My heart goes out to you Ashley and i know no one believed you when you tried to tell them. i wish you all the best.

  11. We are going back to the Obama era with potential terrorists roaming around our country and the world. again Americans just can’t trust the lawless liberals managing our country especially those who got the power by stealing the election.

  12. Everyone fighting the forensic auditing of all voting systems should be rounded up and locked up. And audit begin. Biden did not win the election and is not a legitimate president. And If you do not agree, he should at the very least be impeached for endangering all of Americans security.

  13. Biden doesn’t deserve to be in office, and needs to be removed, Peloci needs to be removed and arrested!

    1. Be careful what you wish for because when you get rid of Biden, you get Kamala “round heels” Harris.

  14. They all( Democrats) need to be charged with Treason for putting every American at risk at home and abroad. We need to do it now.

  15. Actually, I believe the historically correct term is PRETENDER – the usual appellation given to an illegitimate ruler…

  16. Biden is evil he is putting this country ,its people in danger out of hate for THIS COUNTRY HE HATES THIS COUNTRY AND IT SHOWS. Pelosi and the rest of washington even putting their own families, grandkids in danger they have no soul very vindictive, evil hateful and will regret it down the road.

  17. The next Terror Attack on our soil is on its way. The Democrats don’t care about us or this country. They are power and money hungry. Close Florida but open the borders to criminals and un tested Covid cases. The Democrats are trying to get someone else to exterminate the American people so they can sell all our resources to China and pocket the money for themselves.

  18. Maybe if the media like CNN, MSNBC, ABY and the New York Times had not covered for Biden and let the people know who and what he is our country would not have to suffer the damage he is doing. The man has a reputation of being a liar, plagiarizer and crook and many did not know it and did not try to find out about him.

  19. The democrats are never wrong. They are perfect. In their own minds. No matter what happens it is trumps fault anyway. I hope we don’t suffer more with king biden. Looks like more covid and other more deadly threats coming our way. At least the new emperor may give us more comfort….come on man

  20. Biden declare war in the middle east! General need to get our troops out of there! So the war will be at our border on the east coast and west coast! This is breaking the CONSTITUTION LAWS of the 14 AMENDMENT section 3!

  21. why do you act so surprised? he and his team said this was the plan all along. if you didn’t hear that you were not listening. worse is yet to come as per their on statements. idiots.

  22. Biden seems to thInk, “The America people be damned.” I have a special needs son who can understand the kind of damage this “President” is doing to this country!! Biden seems to be incapable of rational thought processes.

  23. Biden is illegitimate and sickening he’s no good no uniter, never will be can’t stand the dog, he’s illegitimate sickening dog

      1. Boy, if you have undeniable proof, give to to the Justice Department and be a witness. Wish I could but I don’t have the proof.
        If not true, Biden has been elected and has four years to damage our America.
        I hope those who voted for him are watching and realize the mistakes being made.
        I look at the results Mr Trump’s policy had on America and can’t see a lot of negative impact on our country, even though he was given little support for his work by Congress.

    1. He didn’t have 80 million votes. I would venture to say he had about 30 million at most. The other 50 million were ghost votes. Dead people, duplicates, and ghosts made up the rest of the votes. Technology is a beautiful thing if you work it right. Apparently, someone knew how. It will all come out soon. Who knows what will happen when it comes to light? We all know what should happen! But will it? We will see this Friday when the Supreme Court reviews three big cases on the fraudulent election. I doubt they will render a decision on Friday, but they are supposed to start looking at the cases. One can only hope they do the right thing.


        1. It is very hard to keep track of all the shortcomings of Biden, Karbala, Pelosi, etc. and all the twisted stories, the lack of responsibility, the singular focus to get Trump, not to mention Biden’s horrific decisions that are going to be a tidal wave of problems.

      2. He can’t even run himself let alone America he is destroying America we are in a whirlwind of liars cheating greedy power hungry demon rats impeach him now or we will be all doomed for destruction

    1. Personally, I don’t think he is capable of understanding what he is doing, and neither is the Democratic Party. They hate Trump so much, they’re risking this nation for their OWN ends!!!

      1. Regrettably, I believe that you are correct and there is a whole lot of democrats that think they have effed up by voting for him.

        Lawrence Keen
        Pearland, Texas

      1. What you’re stating may be more true than you think. Can anyone remember that he was asked to take a cognitive test before his election that he refused? He could legitimately be developing Alzheimer’s. He needs to be tested, but can the issue be forced on him. If he’s developing Alzheimer’s, he is certainly not able to make sound decisions.

          1. It certainly has been the plan and I think it’s going faster than President had predicted it would. I think he said if Biden got in it would take 3 months before Harris would be in taking over. President Trump has been SOOOOO RIGHT on everything he had said!!! What a brilliant man President Trump is…..

      1. I agree but that has been their agenda all along. They all need to be impeached before all our liberties are gone. They are starting with freedom of speech and ginn control.

      2. Yes, it would seem that he is when he opens the borders to terrorists from the middle east and the Houtis from Africa.

    2. I don’t think he knows anything about what he’s doing. He’s just a puppet for all the evil heads behind him working the puppet to destroy everything America was built on.

    3. You know I just gave a peace of my mind and they didn’t post my comment wounded why Oh that’s right sensor all those that speak the truth.

    4. He knows what he’s doing to the country, he just don’t care. Biden hates America and it’s part of NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

    5. Maybe he knows but he doesn’t care. Biden loves personal paybacks for political services rendered a whole lot more than he cares about America or Americans.

    6. All these executive orders sound just like obama’s Agenda, I believe the dems had a plan to get rid of Trump, install Puppet Biden as President with Obama & his underlings, such as Susan Rice, etc. really running the government & getting Biden to sign all the E.O, probably not even realizing what he’s signing. But if Americans don’t wise up & impeach Biden before more damage is done to America, we are headed for Disaster.

    7. He doesn’t care. He’s continuing the destruction that Obummer started and the liberals are continuing. ‘Destroy from within’ was Hitler’s way and it seems to be what the liberals are trying to do, too.

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