#4: They Can’t Stop Him – His Momentum Is Exploding!

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    1. Where are the rest of the spineless rinos? Remember the next time they ask for a vote.

      May the fraud election come to their campaign.

  1. Senator Hawley,
    You are a man of honor. I pray you continue to fight to save this country. God bless your Patriotism.
    God bless the Constitution.
    God bless the USA!

  2. I applaud Senator Hawley, He has done far more than my two Senators, Senator Scott and Senator Graham. May he continue to represent the American citizen, and have a long career! I just love fighters for Freedom and Honesty! Save America.

  3. senator …you and a few others are the only ones with balls to go ahead and make sure the truth comes out….God Bless You..WE THE PEOPLE/

  4. Thank you Senator Hawley for having the courage to stand up & fight for President Trump. The evidence needs to be presented for all to see! We need more like you in the Republican party!!!

  5. Bravo, a hero that has guts to do what is right. So many politicians have no backbone like jellyfish just following where the water pushes.

  6. Strength in numbers.. It’s Great to see someone that is a Patriot at hand. If we don’t take this country back soon, we won’t have a country at all.
    Thank you for what you are doing, a shame we don’t have more like you. God bless you Sir..

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