#4: Violent Riots Break Out – Media And Democrats Silent

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7 Responses

  1. The Biden administration has failed to defend the Constitution and the people of America if there was even a reason to impeach a president he is a good example of one, but as long as the democrats control both houses it is a dream and if you look at who is next in line she is scary too

  2. This new administration wants and supports this violence. When the people who are in power are evil power hungry sadist who manipulate others through the use of fear, they will actively encourage mobs to do their bidding.

  3. those animals that destroy businesses that hard working people, either black,brown,or yellow need to be mowed down like the animals they are. It is time for the military to get involved and squash the riots.

    1. The riots will stop when police start responding with lethal force, instead of “crowd control munitions”.

  4. We can’t expect him to do this alone. Conservatives are going to have to get some courage to fight back and now

    1. It’s dumb that can’t stop this, course the Dems. would have a stroke, ask pelosi and Maxine waters. Let them get out there and help, pelosi is a street fighter, Maxine can get them riled up.

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