#4: Video Shows All – White House STUNNED

Can you imagine if this happened under Trump?

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  1. It’s time for President Trump to stand up and be come a great general. He knows we will stand with him..let the Democrats get rid of soldiers who are Americans. They will fight for the constitution with us.. let them keep their tin soldiers. They will lay down their weapons just like the lrains who where in disco clothes… and make it easy for us to take back our country..Don VET


  3. We can thank the Biden for for this mess he is a weak person who has no business being president and his trying to cover up the mess at the border shows just how weak he is and for that matter how weak this entire administration is

  4. Being censored again
    Try to disarm the populace by force
    Take rights away from girls and women
    Disrespect our military with CRT and anti-white indoctrination

  5. JObama said he’s ‘flattered’ that illegals think he’s a ‘moral and decent’ man.
    Does a moral and decent man:
    Leave 550,000 street people with nothing
    Leave 14 million American children hungry
    Leave 2.5 million homeless American CHILDREN living in cars and on the street
    Leave seniors/diabled living on $1400/mo

    1. Democrats dont want the people of this country to see the damage they have done with their irresponsible decisions. Its appalling to me for them to even think this decision wouldnt have repercussions. They were briefed before this decision was made. Then they as usual want to shift blame to President Trump. Anyone knows President Trump had the border issue under control and was working on immigration policies. Pure revenge by this Administration. They were going to show President Trump who has the power now. What they showed was. This Administration doesnt care about the American People, Our Country or the safety of our Nation. Whats really sad is these children have been used by this Administration to accomplish their very destructive agenda. These kids have suffered horrific abuse by the Cartel and coyotes bringing them to this country. The Biden Administration is Responsible for their lack of cooperation in solving this crisis. They turn their head to it all or Laugh like VP Harris did when asked if she was going to the border.

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