#4: Twitter Caught RED-HANDED – Total Disgrace

We no longer live in a free country.

By the way, Facebook is just as bad:

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3 Responses

    1. EVIL reared it’s head in the form a FOREIGNER from Kenya, and a Muslim and the proof was overwhelming, but, who did what? Now we have another “SETUP” as it were, another half breed foreigner! The takedown will proceed as it has since 1962-3 when the Supreme Court rejected GOD Almighty and HIS word(s) and HIS Book found in the King James BIBLE! What can we or you expect from GOD Almighty when he can NOT lie or go back on his word(s)? Titus 1:3 KJV The trouble has not even begun to start, that’s on the way! GOD HELP those who are on the fence! Isa 34:16/John 5:39KJV

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