#4: Trump Told Them So – Remember This?

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  1. Biden is a puppet. He really doesn’t have a clue about what the American people want. He is only responding to two things; wealth gained by political pandering and his handler’s innate fear/hatred of all things Trump. With those two situations, he and his party of liars will damage the United States for years to come. Like all conflicts resulting from clashes of ideology, the coming unrest is being brought to a boiling point by identity politics.

    1. Biden is just finishing what Obama started, destroying America from the inside its exactly what they want it’s what Obama’s daddy said in his book so they’re doing everything possible to destroy us by stoop all fossil fuels raising taxes bringing in all foreigners letting transgenders into girls sports and bathrooms censorship and saying we all need to go to some kind of brain washing camp because we voted for trump so we’re all racist of some sort

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