#4: Trump isn’t rattled – Democrats are

Political violence is serious, but last year when President Trump was threatened with an active shooter, the same Democrats who are decrying the Capitol violence laughed at him.

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  1. Its time for the convention of states. The fed gov’t is too big and crooked now. This is not communist USSA yet. there are only a few honest
    people left in DC.

    1. “Good noW!”®,B”H. Exactly. Split the country ot
      save the Truth, honesty and what we have left –
      Gates has been buying up all the real estate in farming lands since early 2000’s..

  2. It’s time that Democrate and the media stop persecuting Trump, they have been at since the day he stood for the presidency and impeached him twice. It’s inhuman

  3. Something better be done pretty fast, or there isn’t going to be a USA!! The Commies are already in control through Pelosi, Shumer, and the rest of the TRAITORS!! Time for constant yammering and blathering to stop, and some definitive action needs to be taken to regain control of the FRAUDS in the White House, and their many minion! They were not ELECTED and are bent on destroying our CONSTITUTION and AMERICA!

  4. The whole thing is a waste of time and money, there are greater problems that no-one seems to concerned about

  5. The swamp critters need to leave. Life for them has been made to easy. Most of them start out rich, and they all end up very wealthy. From Congress forever or to the lobbying ranks after Congress is not how OUR system was designed to be. Nobody over the age of seventy-five should be allowed to remain in any of the three branches of government. (I know. I live in a fantasy world!)

  6. When you have done nothing to warrant the persecution and you put your trust in the living God ,you have nothing to fear because God will take care of your enemies

  7. At this point anything is possible, these king biden and friends are well funded and usually know more about you than you do. Facistbook, the twit are not your friends. Trump will eventual find a way out. Democrats will find that sometimes the truth hurts….. old news clips can come back to haunt all involved. Do the democrat elite really want that to come out again……

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