#4: Trump Impeachment Bombshell – I KNEW It

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    1. Pelosi should be removed. She is past her efficiency and speed nothing but lies and hate. She has inspired more violence than President Trump ever has. She is disgusting.

    2. For sure. Surprised she survived but then she did allow people who had tested positive for Covid to attend the hearing so she could garner their voites.

  1. When one thinks more about themselves than others, they are considered highly selfish and controlling. When one thinks of themselves as caring and want to help others, they are Gods loving children. In the bible it says Love never harms…and how could it if all is done in love?

    1. You don’t fight the enemy FASCISTS with love and spaghetti noodles. You fight to win at all costs. The FASCIST DemonicRats will use your weakness against you.

  2. little queen nancy should be removed from her position and out of the senate along with all the people in her cliqic. they are all a danger to the way the founding fathers meant the Nation should be run.

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