#4: Troops Deployed – It’s Happening

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22 Responses

  1. The insurrectionist traitors of the USA don’t want you to be able to stop then taking over/destructing the country. If a country of Laws, who is enabling
    such illegal actions? …The Justice Dept.??

  2. I am getting the drift that the GOP has now surrendered to the commie dems …. 5 are poised to resign and the tech giants are getting away with murder…. all these internet news are that only just all talk and no action …. other than you no input is permitted to be written or voiced …. this is a tragedy…. POTUS lost the election by fraud and no one none lifted a finger to help…..

  3. “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.
    When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
    Thomas Jefferson
    Right now we have both.

  4. The Dem’s have always said that a border wall don’t work and it was stupid.
    Now 25,000 troops, metal fencing and lockdown of DC is something we need? DUH? Nasty should be removed in a straightjacket, this insanity.

    1. Take the wall around the Capital down. What are you all afraid of? All the crap you Dems have done to distroy this country? Guess DC is in a war zone. Continue to work on finishing wall to stop the illegals from getting in! The top Dems are tearing this country apart! Get them out!

  5. With all the mistreatment from Biden’s administration, the National Guards should be sent back to their home states to protect their own people and let Biden fend for himself. He does not deserve them. Biden is a total disgrace to America!

  6. It is shame that this stuff had to happen the Guard needs to be sent back to their home states so that they can help rebuild the economy that stupid fence in DC must be removed, if the democrats are that afraid of the people than maybe they should get out of Congress and go back to their home states or the other option is to leave the country I really don’t think that most of them would be missed

          1. Amo, you are wrong because Joe Biden knew everything that is happening but he certainly has Pelosi’s help!

    1. What is happening in DC is horrific. Our Capital barricaded. These Democrats are full of insane power and they are allowing THE LEFT WING of their party control this destruction. What happened to our Moderate Democrats; have they lost their spins? Are they being paid to vote along with the left? Have they been drugged? Something is very wrong, what or who are they afraid of? It’s time that they search their concessions.

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