#4: Tragic Video Shows All – This Is Horrible

This man is not well.

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8 Responses

  1. Thousands of us Americans want old lady Pelosi to stop using her 30 year old pictures……………….she is old, and not young like she is trying to protray.
    Wake up Pelosi, We know what you look like in real life.

  2. If any other elder were allowed by their caretakers to be treated the way Biden is being exploited by those who are suppose to take care of an elder with OLD AGE or dementia whatever you choose to call his obvious failing state of health they would be charged with ABUSE what has happened to these people who want to accuse innocent people for racism and hate crimes when the sitting politicians are the worst racists ever for their racist and abusive behaviors are what is creating such a separation between the people of America only Unity will make this country strong the Democrats have chosen to divide and conquer and this country will FALL because the Democrats are CONTROL FREAKS and will go down in history as destroying the United States may GOD have mercy on us all

    1. We do not have USA any longer.There is ONE WORLD ORDER. Liberal ideals are ruling whole world now. Yes, they can only exploit weak ones. Look how they abused innocent , mentally sick girl in environmental field .The same with Biden. Their victims are too sick to even notice this abuse. But normal world see it very clearly.

  3. What the Democrats is allowing to happen to Joe Biden is so sad they just use him. Make a fool of him. And what the hell is his family thinking?
    I would not do this to my worst enemy let alone a family member.

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