#4: Tragic Kayleigh McEnany Announcement

So sad that she’s leaving, but I have a feeling this is not the last we’ll see of Kayleigh!

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  1. Kayleigh McEnany is an outstanding and righteous (in good standing with God) woman. Her candor and fighting spirit is to be admonished and respected as she fought for and defended OUR President, Donald Trump. That is the same spirit our Heavenly Father wishes we all had to fight for Peace, Love and Truth. I thank her personally for her hard work and firm determination in serving us, this great country of the USA and a president who tried desperately to fulfill his oath and promises to “we the people”. I wish the very best to MS. McEnany and may God richly bless her for fighting the good fight!!!!!!

      1. I , too will miss her honest news from President Trump. Intelligent responses to all and with humor in some instances..God Bless Kayleigh .

  2. Kayleigh
    Was one of the best ! So smart and didn’t back down from anyone! So thankful for her
    And our President!

  3. Kayleigh i wish you the best in what ever lays ahead for you i know what ever it is you will be great at! I love that you are not ashamed of your faith in God! God bless you in all you!

  4. Many thanks to you, Kayleigh, for standing up for our President Donald J. Trump and for speaking the truth against the far-left. God is STILL in control and sitting on His Throne, watching all that is occurring, which he isn’t taken by surprise. We, as Christians know the end of the story . . . . . AND . . . . . HE WILL WIN ! ! ! Though it is so very difficult to do on our own, God’s Word commands us to be patient . . . He also tells us, “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord” ! ! !

  5. Kayleigh, thank you for the great job you did handling the press for President Trump. We wish you the best and hope that things go well for you and that we see you often as you are the voice for some other leader. President Trump should be proud to have worked with you. Good job! Well done!

  6. Kayleigh, you have been wonderful in your position!! So strong, so true, so dedicated and committed, and you have done it all with vim and vigro. Alos, with grace and professionalism. Best wishes for your next journey. Maybe in 4 years we will see you back in the White House. We continue to let the world know that this election and rigged and stolen by the DEMs. Our courts of the land really disappointed us. They would not address this huge issue. They did not have the courage nor the confidence to tackle this monstrous problem. As a result, we will have a “fake president and a fake president elect” in the oval office. This is really sad for the American people. BUT, our hats are certainly off to you and to our wonderful President. Your support to our President was a wonderful thing to see. He has so many “fair weather friends”, which is really no friend at all and are very untrustworthy people!!! You, on the other hand, are a breath of fresh air as you supported our President and stood by him EVERY DAY!! Thank you, thank you, Kayleigh.

  7. It looks to me that the Democratic party is no longer a Democrat party, I would say that they are a Thieviing party with the ego of ruining ever one that does not match their agenda. So far, they have comit murder , stole , lied , and big money.I do not know how a respectful party could be in such acontrol as demostrated in the past year..They sure know how to tear a nation apart. They have no symphany for the people that has to work and make a living do their own business and enjoying a decent life.It seems that the Democrat is antichristen , want tax every cent they make.

  8. Like a pro boxer, she was quick on her feet and could jab back with wit and wisdom. What a wonderful woman, we will miss her but know she will do well.

  9. you were great Kaleigh!!! going to miss you putting those reporters in there place. Hope the best for you and going to miss you….

  10. Kaleigh McEnany, you are to be very highly commended for your preparation, delivery, consistency, and professionalism in handling one of the most demanding Jobs in the World. In my 83 years I seen several different People in that position, none have handled the adverse Fake News People and a fast moving Transparent President with anywhere near the skill level that you have exhibited during you Tenure at the White House, none!
    You had documents at hand already prepared as if you perceived the Questions and off hand remarks days before you came to the Podium for Briefings.
    God bless you for your strength, integrity, and Perseverance!!!
    Very Sincerely Yours
    Bill Vann Sun City, AZ Patriot

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