#4: THIS Is The Great Mystery Of Our Time

I don’t get it.

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  1. THEY HATE PRESIDENT THRUMP…….THAT MUCH and have NO idea what those 9 articles mean to them, maybe that should happen, WE on the right will survive, because we know how……..all the left will die because they have NO IDEA ON EARTH HOW TO SURVIVE WITHOUT THE HELP OF GOVERNMENT

    1. Well mspidgea, that is NOT correct…WE WILL ALL DIE because God is about to pour out his punishment and condemnation on the US as the likes as never been seen before in history…the immorality, corruptness ,denying God in our lives, the murdering of unborn babies and all the other sins of our nation has caught up with us and untold punishment is on its way….buckle up mama, for the bible never once mentions the US in end time prophecy….

  2. Julio Gonzalez- The people did not vote for all the things you mentioned. The other party stole the election. Mike Lindell commented that Trump got 10,000,000 more votes than Biden. The media, judges, state officials, & Democratic officials refused to hear anything else. Trumps’ team tried to point out unfair & untruthful voting but nobody would listen & therefore, the election was stolen.

  3. It amazes me too that sensible people are seated by the left. I just don’t understand how they could vote for a Democrat.

  4. The demoncrat party has greatly changed through the years; it used to be for the people, not against the people. The party for the people is now the republican party. We will now see our own US citizens treated as slaves and also attacked. Follow the money…….why would a criminal become president and someone who condones riots and destruction become vice president. There has been enough evidence to prove crimes in the election and the background of the Pres. & V.P. to cancel that election; but the money has paid for what we are now going to get.

  5. They hate Trump because he could do what they only talk about. He was draining the “Swamp” and most of them are all in it. He said what he would do and then he did it and more than he said unlike the rest of them.
    He was the “GREATEST PRESIDENT” we have ever had and they were to dumb to see what a great man they had. I hope and pray that he’ll be back and as he says the BEST IS YET TO COME HE’LL BE BACK Full FORCE

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