#4: This Is The End Of Liberty If This Passes

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  1. President JOE BIDEN is action like a 10 year old child who just got a new toy that his parents him not to play with it this year as other kids do not have one. And while his parents are away he starts playing with his new tow. Power has gone to his head and he believes he can do anything he wants to. But he does not know that he is destroying your country which has taken over 200 years to build up. You can blame 75 percent of the Democratic flor most of what he is doing. He also is getting enough rope to hang himself. I respect the Office of the President of the United States but not the man in the office.
    I can tell b y his actions he is loosing his mind. Someone needs to do something (non-harmful) soon or we will not have a country left.

  2. King biden-harris says it is good to have the vacine. no we didn’t put tracking chips in them either. Get vacine or else…. i mean thanks for you time. We the people have no freedom anymore

    1. You got that right since the Biden ministration the DMO rats taking the American people’s freedom away and giving it to these m************ crossing the borders it was me I would say Open Season On The Border’s please come back across the line pour lime on them so they don’t stink and let them go

  3. Using the new vernacular to get this post across as it is very important information: Just [email protected] 100’s of t w e e t s @bout this [email protected] [email protected] ap DISCU$$ED in the VlDE0. [email protected] t w e e t e r s were very [email protected] c0ncerning the “LETTlNG 0UT” of their [email protected] lNF0, [email protected], even most 0ther [email protected] and [email protected] pr0tected [email protected] There is a IittIe 500 [email protected] fed. [email protected] called HlPPA which [email protected] [email protected] lnformati0n is to be kept [email protected] from DlSCL0SURE. There are [email protected] fed [email protected] for [email protected]/[email protected], and [email protected] has it’s FERPA law. Yes, [email protected] [email protected] rec0rds are [email protected] to attend PUBIic SCH00L, but sch00l [email protected] are NOT AIIowed to [email protected] the [email protected] with any-0ne, in any [email protected][email protected], texts, hard-copy, PH0T0S, or talking. 0nly pers0ns who meet the narr0wly strin-gent [email protected] [email protected] defined as “need to know” can L00K or [email protected] @bout said [email protected] [email protected], then and 0nly then, to an0ther [email protected] “need to know” pers0n. If in-appr0priate discl0sure occurs it is [email protected] a SECURlTY [email protected] [email protected] come with all [email protected] of [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected] and c0nsequences. These [email protected] are part of your [email protected] RlGHT$ under cur-rent [email protected] and the BiII of RlGHT$ in the C0NSTlTUTl0N. This pro-p0sed “[email protected] [email protected]$$P0RT” ap, however c0uld be both a [email protected] of the HlPPA [email protected] and the BiII of RlGHT$. H0W-EVER if you, yourself, decide to “DlSCL0$E” your 0wn [email protected] [email protected], then you “GlVE UP” your RlGHT$ to [email protected] You wiII be resp0nsibIe 4 @ny and @II con-sequences ex-perienced @fter the DlSCL0SURE 0ccurs. If some 1 [email protected] your [email protected] or lDENTlTY, U$Es it, and this [email protected] [email protected] to you – IT IS Y0UR 0WN [email protected] All the whining and fit throwing @bout “said [email protected]” will do you N0 G00D as you will N0T have a [email protected] leg to [email protected] on. THlS is [email protected] Y0U [email protected] your own [email protected] That’s Y you SH0Uld NEVER GlVE 0UT any pers0nal or [email protected] [email protected], [email protected] 0NLlNE.

  4. Again – censorship occuring on this website. For shame!! It is not a violation of any kind to inform people about what is in the federal HIPPA Law as it pertains to protecting people’s private health information.

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