#4: They’re Pushing The Big Lie – This Is Evil

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12 Responses

  1. I don’t watch Football anymore and I won’t be watching Baseball anymore…Shove it..!!! No more Coke inn this House either…!!! These People are SICK….!!!

  2. Why watch people that done care of middle America. They can all move to New York or California and play for them. I will never watch another game not stick coke again or that a flight on Delta. Keep them both. I know slot of people who think like me. So suck on it

  3. MLB players say they didn’t get a vote on this decision so I want and I’m sure other people want to know the names of the companies that wanted this BS done ! Don’t just give a list of corporate sponsors give the list of the names that wanted this done ! My family won’t watch another game of baseball or go to a game since all that matters to you are liberals and Democrats views 🤬

  4. I am likewise, fed up with pro baseball. Therefore, professional baseball now joins the sports arenas that I will not visit, or watch on television. I’m sure I can find better and more profitable uses for my time than to sit and watch these prejudicial players , who get megabucks for their ability, pitching their little political fits. So long, baseball, may your stadiums be always empty until you learn the lesson that you are being paid to play a game, not exploit your political leanings to try and prove a point.

    1. baseball is a game not a platform for political debate or any other debate. Stick to the playing field.

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