#4: They Were Hunted Down – Charges Filed

Note: I’m not saying they didn’t deserve the harsh treatment – an officer was killed by the mob. But BLM rioters should be treated with the exact same standards.

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9 Responses

  1. That’s what Harris did thru all 275 riots in 2020. She bailed out the criminal and let them roan free. What a great vp.

  2. In 15 days our so called president has stopped the shipping of Canada’s oils through parts of our country, through a pipeline that will not harm our air or fields. Plus costing 1000s of good paying jobs and incomes that could lost for ever. He then wants to stop building the wall at our southern borders and open our borders to all. A lot of jobs will be lost to low cost illegals plus who knows what deceases these people have. Each day that goes by more and more jobs and incomes will be lost. It seems like China and Russia will be the big winners of America’s decline. If this man (THE BIG GUY) and his cartel are not stopped soon there will be no one to end it. Some of these acts sound like treason. Our Supreme Court does not want to try any cases like this, they must been afraid for their lives early on if they had taken on the cheating states so Biden could win the presidency. There is one group that could solve and end this miserable president acts. The military and they could take control without firing a shot.

  3. If this keeps up our Republic is gone. Where is the military who made an oath to the constitution. We have domestic terrorists called Democrats and RINOs who are tearing our republic down to be replaced by communism. Where are our protectors, there is so much proof of attacks on our democratic Republic, where are the military under the 14th amendment. They are all that’s left to defend our country. My brother served 26 years in the military, he said if the military doesn’t step up to save our country then those 26 years were a waste of time.

    1. YES. Every American who fought and died for this country has died in vain if WE don’t fight to save the America we once knew and still love. It’s time to say “Let’s roll.”

      1. I don’t know what or who must be done to rectify this disgusting state of ‘this fair for us,but not for you. We need to stop this train before it goes unchecked.

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