#4: They Just BANNED Him – Conservatives Stunned

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9 Responses

  1. I agree the biggest threat is Biden’s stupid policy regarding the border, oops I just remembered Biden says there is no threat. As for twitter they are wrong and this is getting to be stupid, maybe if people cancel their accounts twitter would get the message

  2. If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we will be led like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

  3. Perhaps twitter should read all the postings/people they do not ban.. they seem confused as to what is the informative truth and hateful rhetoric. Speaker Gingrich did not have a hateful tweet… it’s just facts people! Doesn’t twitter want their subscribers to be aware of potential situations so they can protect their loved ones?

  4. google> facebook> twitter>to be cancelled>:
    they are fools that is going down when they have the shadow deep state government raise taxes to 75% on the big money making business> will pay their shares in taxes>:

  5. He doesn’t care people!!! This is another way of keeping you under control and out of work and keeping you on welfare !!!! Fight back Texas and don’t let them in!!!!

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