#4: The TRUTH Comes Out – Follow The Money

So true:

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4 Responses

  1. So true. We have way too many corrupt politicians in this country. First step would be to make states pay their representation’s salaries. Second would be to stop donations from corporations who use them to buy said politicians.

  2. Segregation ended in the late 50’s and early 60’s, allowing total equality among the races…..in jobs, neighborhoods, restaurants, churches, schools, clubs, sports, theaters, swimming pools, parties, housing, ETC. We actually became close friends and got along quite well together! This lasted for approximately 50 years! Everything was great until Barack Hussein Obama entered the picture and immediately wanted to change the very foundation of our country! We longed for “One nation under God” as He intended from the beginning, while Obama sought to separate the races and unfortunately, he did! He created a lot of confusion that apparently took us backward, as fights, burning buildings, and looting became a daily thing! This is because he is a Marxist and this is how it is introduced to a country! So now, it’s obvious where America is headed, although he is no longer president. He STILL continues to sow this evil seed behind the scenes through Joe Biden! Yes, he is the mouth piece for our current demented president! Actually, it’s even worse, because George Soros is working with him, along with many others from “the swamp”! This is why it’s so important to solve this problem NOW, before it’s too late!

  3. And they all keep shooting themselves in the foot with their actions. It will come to an end and if not one way it will the other.

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