#4: Thanks For Nothing Biden

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  1. Term limits and the citizens vote for any pay raises for congress. Citizens should vote on what should become a state or not. How could anyone who really cared for the United States vote for this bill to steal tax payers money and give it to crooked states and politicians????
    We the people need to vote on Bills as important as HR1 where it steals our tax money and gives it to countries, states and demoncRATs who hate us.
    What the hell are the demoncRATs thinking giving killers (Boston bomber) and others free money. Those in prison get free room and board and that is all they need.

  2. True. We are not ECONOMISTS…. but we know common sense when we see it…. I wonder if it is Biden out there or a clone signing all the EOs and making these decisions…. they are killing the American people slowly….. we need to clean house people ….. get people who will work for us and not CCP, illegal aliens and foreign oil companies!!!! We must know one singular thing when we elect someone next time around ….. I’m talking about Congress …. are they loyal citizens and know the bill of rights…. our rights or are they traitors ….. Biden is not our President …. we all know how he got there…..

  3. Much noise has been made in recent polls: WHAT PRESIDENT HAS THE HIGHEST I.Q?
    Facts: A high I.Q means that person has an easier time learning, especially complex subjects, no more, no less.
    It does not change: Common Sense, Honesty, Rational thought, Ability to be successful, etc.
    It is true wealthy, successful, business managers of any race or gender are likely to have higher average intelligence levels.
    However, that is due the fact they learned the needed lessons for success better and more easily.
    And they applied those lessons in their life.
    A high I.Q. does guarantee a person will be successful in life’s endeavors and challenges.
    For the record: I am a member of MENSA. I have had a successful career in engineering.
    Much of that success comes from a never ending process of learning and exploring the new technologies as they appear.
    At 77 yoa I am still building projects with, and exploring the new electronic devices that are popping up every day.
    When I finished my college days, a computer cost a million dollars and would fill a small house.
    It would have taken a crew of 4 or 5 minimum to program it to do anything
    The most recent computer I bought cost $6.00 plus shipping and is smaller than 3 nickels laid in a row.
    I program and run it by myself with the free software on this lap top.
    What the future will bring I can only guess but I intend to encourage my grandsons to become engineers.
    A famous man once said (And I paraphrase) With live as long as we keep learning. We should only stop learning when we die.
    So lets stop taking about which president has the highest I.Q. Instead, let us only consider what person is the most capable to do the job!

  4. Everyone predicted from the moment Biden was announced the winner of the Presidential election, that he would be lucky to last six months before Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats figured out a way to get rid of Biden and moved VP Harris into the slot of President. We need to impeach both Harris and Pelosi as well and start with a clean slate. With anyone of them as President, the United States will be dragged through the sewer. We, either need to
    declare the election a fraud and put Trump back in as President, or we need to declare the election a fraud and hold a special election for President and Vice-President of the United States. This is due to the fact that no one on Capitol Hill (with the exception of Rand Paul or Ted Cruz) has enough sense to fill the chair of President.

    1. if we were to impeach biden and Harrisand they do deserve it then we would have pelosi in command which is worse???

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