#4: Terrifying Riot News – This Is Awful

Isn’t there something wrong with our society when we know this is the truth?

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14 Responses

  1. Let the police do there job. And if any one gets hurt, so be it! They should not be rioting and burning.
    The police get hurt by them . So bring it on . Or better yet water log them. Do it!,,,

  2. want to get rid of BLM & ANTIFA, stop using pepper balls, rubber bullets, and teargas – instead use full metal jacket ammo and flame tanks with napalm. within 2 days all this crap will end.

  3. Bring in the National Guard and let them start shooting. Where was the violence when that BLACK person killed those two White Grandparents plus Grandson. I am sick of these people thinking they always have an excuse to riot and destroy property. Like I said let the National Guard and police force start shooting and these riots will not happen. Enough is Enough.

    1. Just spray the rioters with Jet-B fuel (very flammable) and light a cigar. Fire is a great motivator. Jet-B is just about as bad as napalm, which just sticks very well to human flesh.

  4. Kasmella has the get out of jail fund running full blast to get the protesters out… let the place rot… they live there no one cares… and now to shop you will have to drive to another town… stupid.. all this for a career criminal running from the law. Well i would let the cops shoot me for a couple 100 million. Just a way to take care of the family… people are desparate these days

  5. BLM and democrat citizens should pay reparations to white people for the property they steal and destroy in urban cities that have riots!!!!!
    Dumbo rats are cheaters and liars!!!!

  6. I blame BLM for 90% of this. Since 2015, less than 20 unarmed blacks have been killed per year in the entire US. There are 42 million blacks in America. If there was systemic (system-wide) racism, tens or even hundreds of thousands of blacks would be killed by the police every year. BLM lies about this and plays to the ignorant, the angry entitled, the public school indoctrinated youth, and the criminal element. It is important to remember that BLM supporters represent only a tiny percentage of black Americans. Most Americans of all races want to live peaceably, work hard, love and care for their families. BLM hurts these folks too.

    1. I blame the Democratic Leaders of the States that allowed these riots to happen in the first place, leading the precedence for future riots – Washington State

      1. These donkey politicians dont want to intervene because they want INTENTIONALLY to create more CHAOS. The Marxist tactic that has been used over and over again throughout history, Fed up with those who dont respect the rule of law.!

    1. I understand that you can feel that way but in real life we can’t quite do that. However, not a bad idea really.

    2. I agree!! If they see consequences for their actions, you will see a very different outcome. However, the so called “do gooders” will howel .

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