#4: Terrifying Don Jr. Video – This Is Tragic

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  1. Those of you that think Trump was and is still wonderful apparently would rather have a communist country instead of a free country. Putin has been priming Trump to be a communist leader. Putin is a lot more intelligent than Trump.

    1. you must be a demo-crap all the way to believe that Biden is so smart, he is a moron period, they just move him around and he forgets what they tell him to say and do just like a monkey period. He is just a body and Obama is playing as Biden’s brain not to smart to try and fool the real American people.

  2. This is a disgrace Biden has no business being president and America is now the laughing stock of the world real disgraceful

    1. On the contrary! The world leaders, shown on TV after a meeting, making fun of Trump. Not only world leaders but citizens of different countries made fun of Trump and could not understand how anyone could possibly vote for Trump. There was a wonderful article on FB from a woman in Canada. She wrote a long statement regarding Trump and stated several damaging facts regarding Trump’s actions as president. Biden is well respected by his peers. The only ones that respected Trump are the ones who act as he does. Trump was and still is the laughing stock of the world.

  3. Resident Biden, the unelected usurper dwelling in the basement of the Senior Living Center at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue struggles with or without Obama’s teleprompter. When he is doing this bad they normally send out the doppelgänger with the detached (free) lower ear lobe! Do they honestly think they are fooling real Americans? The silent majority are simply watching, taking notes & praying for a rapid end to this left wing treason.

    1. Really alarming to read such a post, based upon republican lies and conspiracy theories. I’m sorry to hear that you still think Biden “stole” the election. Probably as you live through several more month, the truth will win out over the fear and hatred. I do hope so, as we’re both American citizens. Stay safe.

      1. Biden will sink this country he is unable to make a decision and unable to meet with any other foreign leader,the man belongs in a home for the elderly not president of the country and anyone who doesn’t believe the election was rigged is a fool

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