#4: Supreme Court BOMBSHELL – Court Packing VOTE

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  1. 270044 827693Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this site needs considerably a lot more consideration. Ill probably be once again to read a lot a lot more, thanks for that information. 51620

  2. I agree with you Laura. I just don’t know what it is going to take to get people to say enough is enough. People everywhere are angry but only some people have the courage to fight. Others will just remain silent and suffer in silence out of fear.

  3. It’s going to take us Patriots to rise. We need to save this country. Get ready folks America is not going to be torn down! Covid is a farce people are dying from pneumonia. We must resist and the vaccines are deadly. Just look at what’s in them

  4. This crap used to really piss me off. Now it makes me furious! Nancy Pelosi needs to be impeached so she can feel the pain she has caused the best President this Country has ever had. I would join President Trumps Patriot Party in a heartbeat.

  5. If the conservatives let the liberals get away with this this country will never see another conservative President or conservative plan.

  6. Court packing as way to make sure you get your way is totally out of line. This goes to show that the Democrat’s will do anything to bully their way into positions they do not belong. Just because you have an illegitimate president does not mean you break laws, cheat, steal and cause people harm. This idea is just plain stupid. Of course it is difficult to fix stupid. Do the work you were sent to do or get out of the way of those that want to get productive work done, like, govern. We have many issues to work on rather then your petty issues. Such as immigration, education, foreign trade, and many other important issues.
    Get your head out of the sand

    1. Indeed..And as far as not sharing intelligence with a former president that could keep him and his family safe is ridiculous It’s funny how this should be a concern given the accomplishments he made that no other president was able to do in getting the mid-east to sign peace treatys with each other He is now and forever will be my president unless someone with strong Christian values , including pro-life, wins an election. He did more than make empty promises…He actually done what he said he would do . Go Trump and let’s keep America Great!!!

      1. He did alot behind the curtain while he still had the wolves nipping and biting at his heels for the entire 4 years. I’m sure if they had been doing their rightful jobs (which they did nothing for 4 years) and not badger President Trump he would have done even more! The hate they had for him is just downright evil and they all should pay back the 4 years of salary to the American people because they did NOTHING!!

    1. And they are succeeding in doing everything they want. Most Republicans are weak and for sure Democrats never want to get on Nancy’ bad side. They have zero guts. Hell members of the Senate are more afraid of Nancy, in the House, than they are with Chuck Schumer in the Senate.

    2. Communist demos are as power hungery as Adolf Hitler was iin Germany in the 1940’s and just as psychopathic insain murdering band of Rabid dogs, and their isjust one cure for any rabid dog – a bullet to the head!

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