#4: Shock Police Video Shows What Liberals REALLY Think

The left is racist.

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  1. Our police put themselves on the line every day for us and deserve some respect and thanks.

      1. I agree. I don’t care if she is a teacher!! That doesn’t mean carp!!! She called him a murderer constantly. She is a physco!!!!

  2. Another loser that thinks the world owes her something.. if that was my teacher time to go to another school.. oh yeah they are still running the school from home.. new zoom school. No one learns a thing and teacher still gets full pay for half the work.. this thing is not fit for a teacher. Rotten apple award for you…

  3. So, after this video went viral, did this stupid “teacher” lose her job with HER racist remarks?!?! Just asking. If not, she should be and she certainly is NOT a good example to children!!!!!

  4. I live several miles from New Orleans, La. and the police are leaving there faster than they can replace them. Democrat government there, like any other Democrat (communist) run city, will not let them do their job to protect the citizens of the city. I could not be a cop today!!!

  5. So now if you break the law whether it’s a traffic stop or more serious and you get stopped by the police no matter what his/her race is they are racist?! Now will someone explain this leftist logic to me because I sure don’t understand it at all. And in this incident the one that got pulled over said she was a teacher. I’m sure glad that I graduated in 1980. True I might be aging myself but at least we had common sense and we weren’t brain dead. I feel sorry for the cops today in all honesty.

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