#4: Rush Limbaugh Shock News – Got Them

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7 Responses

  1. The Left is controlled by Satan, Moloch, Baal. He wants them to create fear and hatred in the world and they do his bidding well.
    We should all pray often for the strength to resist fear and hatred in our lives and on planet Earth.

  2. The liberals in this country don’t care about anyone or anything other then themselves and so they will reap what they sow sooner then they believe. Mark my words . They will be extremely sorry that they put this man in office and that they believe the Sh** that the bias media has been spewing for the last few years. They are all on the take and we all know it. Just the liberals don’t because they are brain dead in most cases and can only see as far as themselves in general.

    1. Nancy
      As a Vietnam Veteran I have made my mind up to the Democratic are Communist that you take to the bank.

  3. It is a shame that Rush had to die but we all face the same end, sorry to hear that the liberals are celerbrating his death. They are truly some sick people

  4. D-rats are horrible little creatures that cringe at hearing the truth. They abhor everything that is good about America. Communism never survives when dealing with people who know freedom.

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