#4: Riot DECLARED – Antifa Goes CRAZY

Meanwhile in NY:

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  1. I wish all states issued no rioting like DeSantis did in Fla,

    If you destroy property of hurt anyone in a uniform

    You will go to jail ands a fine.

    1. The Governor of Oregon needs to give the Natl Guard and Law Enforcement the order to shot to kill for anyone breaking the law and refuses to disburse. This is non-sense and Oregon has their Governor, Mayor of Portland and Senators to blame for this. their is no excuse for allowing this to keep going on except the dummies think by not reacting and allowing this to continue they might get re-elected… They are democrats…cant expect anything but idiots and thats what they got. All business owner and property owners that are affected by this needs to sue the state of Oregon, the Governor, Senators and the Whitehouse for inciting this type of behavior.

  2. Police and the National Guard should be allowed to fire on rioters. The NG is sent to places like Oregon with unloaded weapons. This nonsense has to be stopped. If it takes shooting these goons to stop them let them fire live rounds(not rubber bullets). I for one am sick of BLM and Antifa having free rum of cities and I’m not alone. Keep it up and the second Civil War is going to start. Law abiding citizens are not going to take the liberal democrats allowing this to happen just for a few votes. GIVE THE ORDER TO FIRE UPON ANY RIOTER AND LOOTER before patriotic Americans do it themselves. Spineless democrats are to blame and in my opinion citizens are not going to take what they are trying to do to this country. Do what’s right or face what will eventually come.

  3. The Blue states don’t have the guts to stand up to these goons. They are breaking the law and the state governments knows that. They are being told to stand down and let this crap continue because anarchy is a diversion to what they are already in the process of doing and that is taking down this country so that they can hand it over to China for payment. Be warned its coming and we are not going to put up with it much longer. They are marking their own path to destruction by continuing to loot and burn down the cities where they live and interact with others. When it does get here they will be very sorry that they started this whole mess.

  4. The left does not care even when they get want they want they still want more, these rioters need to be arrested and thrown in jail with no bail

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