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  1. (Dr?) Fauci is just another “fifteen minutes of fame” personality who continues to flip flop trying to stay in the spot light. His actions have only labeled him as a fraud standing in the way, Any first year medical student knows the importance of basic common sense precautions (wash hands, don’t cough in others space, etc.) That’s all this clown had to say and should have stuck to it. However he has been a proponent of the left’s agenda and that, my dear friends, makes him a problem.

  2. This guy is a TOTAL FRAUD. Now it has been disclosed that he met with Moderna in December 2019 to discuss a vaccine for a Covid (AKA Wuhan virus) virus. We also found out he authorized $3.75 Million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for research into a Covid virus. He absolutely suffers from a very serious disease of having the need for a microphone in front of his face. He has stood on every possible side of every issue with this Wuhan virus. He refused to listen to REAL Doctors who were treating REAL patients with the Wuhan virus from all around the world that were successful using HCQ, zinc & ZPaks. This because he Bill Gates and who knows what other Globalists were pushing vaccines that are far more expensive that the tax payers are paying for. One has to ask at what financial gain to FRAUD Fauci for pushing a vaccine instead of a well known and used low cost drug regime to save lives. There are thousands who died in our Country because of his personal greed and arrogance. Never has the statement, ” I am here from the government to help you” been more accurate at describing a despot. He needs to be charged for those deaths.

  3. Politicians believe they are better and smarter than us poor slobs. But they are comprised of everything that we look down upon. They lie,cheat, and steal. Remember Democrats will do what ever it takes to get power COVID is just a tool to use at their discretion. As any other crisis. This also gave them the justification to keep joe in the basement. So his mental condition was not known widely.

  4. The American People were willing and cooperative to slow the spread. The politicians were not because it cut into their lifestyle and their “rights”.

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