#4: Liberals Have A New Name For Us – This Won’t Work Any Better Than Deplorables

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  1. We have to wear masks and keep our long distances; however, Biden is letting illegals in who are crammed into spaces not livable and not being tested for Covid, bringing in drugs, you name it! I’m not against helping folk who want to join our country legally but we must also take care of our own citizens!

    I lived through WWII and remember how we had to grow our own food, make our own clothes, raise chickens, cut our own hair, change our tires on our cars, and become extremely self sufficient.
    We helped our neighbors, fed anyone who came to our door hungry, and went to church regularly!! It was a great time for kids to help but have fun!! Also, we didn’t have TV; first telephones were on party lines with 8 families. That’s when we kids got into trouble listening to our neighbors conversations!

  2. Please ask Joe how to spell Neanderthal this guy allows COVID-19 immigrants to come inside the country but yet he’s worried about who in the states is handling the Covid without mask mandates do you want to open up the country no he wants to close it but the Mexicans can come and flood the country with Covid and what they do is once they come in they bus them out in to different states
    talk about spreading a disease

  3. Joe doesn’t know what Neanderthal means. He is just saying what his ear piece or teleprompter is telling him that’s why they won’t let him answer any questions on his own. He might say what he truly means. God forbid.

    1. I don’t know who they think took care of us this far in life but I’m doing fine without their help.

  4. I am sure that we could find just about any republican that would at least care about our country, instead of trying to give it to China. At least someone that knows where he is at.

  5. Well I do not need the government to tell me how to take care of myself, nor do I need the government to take care of me

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