#4: Kevin McCarthy Sets The Record Straight – This Is Important

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9 Responses

  1. Everyone should be questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Even as what has been recently known that Maricopa County AZ just deleted all their databases at the election office. And won’t come forth with information that they have ask for from the Senate. What do they have to hide. Counts that can be tallied are showing large discrepancy’s. Again what are they hiding. what a bunch of dirt bags these people are

  2. I am not over the illegal election only the ones that rigged the election keep telling people to get over it is he one of those why were people allowed to vote without id? why was mail in voting allowed when you could not verify who they were coming from every dirty trick they could think of just before the election and it had nothing to do with Covid it had to do with rigging the election and they got away with it big Tec got on board to get rid of Trump machines should have never been used if you wanted the people to believe that the election was honest you never should have changed everything at the last minute and when we said we didn’t trust you don’t do it you did it anyway and told us it was for our own good when we predicted weeks before the election that you would do exactly what you did to steal it and you didn’t care I guess you should have been prepared for us not to accept the results really just move on did you really think that would do the trick and we would eventually move on that’s insulting so I will say it again and again and again until “”You”” get it in””Your”” head we are not just moving on and we will continue to look for the truth until we find it

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