#4: Joe Biden Shock HEALTH Announcement – This Is Huge


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11 Responses

  1. Hopefully the Military can do something about this sham of a government. We are in the process of losing our country.

  2. The democrats stole the election and joe biden is not fit too be president and harris is a joke,they need too have a new election

  3. I’m Biden are you my husband are you my wife are you my dog and who’s Kamala??? I’m writing from the old folks home! Please tell me, am I the president????

    but, but, but 80,000,000 + Americans voted for these frauds. (Biden and Kamala!) Where are they??? They seemed to have vanished into thin air or did they ever exist? Why don’t you see them all over the place like when they came out for President Trump? You be the judge! Hmmmmmm!

    I’m Biden, I think? And I support this message.

  4. ,Have you noticed the problems this nation has been having ever since God was thrown out of our schools. Now, we have a demented, unelected “President” who wants God taken out period. This is why we have what we have. God is the only answer.

  5. Well we all know he did not win, they the Democrats stole it and it heartbreaking that the courts all took money from the Democrats to hide this. They should all be charged with crimes against this country and jailed. Know all these states are saying so but my understanding is it Will Not change the outcome. Why?

  6. Of course they did! No one campaigns from their basement and garners 80M votes! We all know this! We all watchef the Trump rallies with our own eyes!!!

    Trump won on election day!!!!! then came the ballot dump of bogus Biden votes!

  7. Everyone knew Joe was unfit for the office when he was installed not elected. Joe’s not going anywhere, with all the RINO’s in Congress Upper and Lower Chambers or otherwise Spineless Republican politicians in DC he’s there until he’s either carried out on the Funeral Director’s cot because of his poor health or until he is defeated in 2024 or 2028. Joe’s only there because he’s the anti-Trump and let’s face it, he’s too incompetent anyway and one of Obama’s lackees is running it anyway. America has no leadership right now. We’re a ship or airplane that’s rudderless.

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