#4: Joe Biden Is Sick – Health News Stuns Americans

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  1. He probably forgot who he is or where he is. The problem is, if he can not remember things, who is going to take his place? This is going to be one more disaster unfolding on this country.

    1. I wish Biden would go away look what he is doing to are countries if we don’t get him out there won’t be American anymore .

    2. I believe it won’t be long.

      I too just want him to go home or go to a nursing home due to his dementia

    1. LOL! I agree! Biden doesn’t know which end is up or down. He hasn’t a clue at to how to run a country even with Obama’s help which really isn’t help.

      Biden is the biggest disaster in my lifetime and I’m 82 years old. He and his VP are both in way over their heads. Our country will continue to pay the price of this fraudulent election. I hope we still have a country by the end of 4 very long years. They need verify the fraud and still overturn this last election to save our country.

    2. He can’t help what has happened to him, he has dementia, nothing helps. It’s pathetic, no one can do much, just day by day it takes memories a little at a time. Can’t imagine your Mom or Dad all of a sudden you are a stranger, including wives or husband’s. You hope and pray they aren’t one of the unlucky ones.

      1. Which he’s had for years. He and they had no business putting him in the white house when he is so bad. Kamala is not able to handle any of this. She can’t stop giggling about everything. This is a disaster for our country. And why? Because people didn’t like the Presidents tweets. The man did a wonderful job for our country. People had jobs and money. They hounded him the whole time he was in the white house and did the same for his wife and kids. Yet he did wonderful things for our country. Now look at us. A president that doesn’t know what day it is, a vp that giggles inappropriately at everything, our country is devastated and they are destroying it.

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