#4: Jim Jordan WRECKS Biden

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  1. AS I SEE IT we NOW have a PUPPET in office vice a man who did what he said he would do! THAT IS THE PROBLEM, from a bunch of Political zeolots who want TOTAL “CONTROL” of a nation they “SWORE” on The HOLY BIBLE, and then only desired to have this nation SERVE them! NO ONE CAN SWEAR TO THE HOLIEST OF HOLIEST of a HOLG GOD and be guiltless! Numbers 30:2 KJV “IF a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an Oath to bind his soul w/a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that “proceedeth” (the “ETH” on any word in the bible means it is continuing/progressive) out of his mouth.” YOU make a VOW, and swear to GOD, whether by your mouth or on a BIBLE, then YOU POASY that VOW! Jonah found out the hard way, he made a VOW and wouldn’t pay it, that is until he got caught up in the fishes belly, then he decided to PSAY that VOW!! Jonah 2:9 KJV

      1. If [email protected] work c0rrectly, people who’ve had 0ne do n0t need continual te$ting or [email protected] If [email protected] didn’t work we’d all still get the [email protected], chicken p0cks, etc. [email protected]@ted persons d0n’t [email protected] these. It’s said Bye-den got one. That’s the kicker here. Don’t [email protected] for the $pin. 10 to 1 His sleepy Herr Highness (maybe 0thers) didn’t get @ [email protected] sh0t, else there w0uldn’t be a need 4 frequent te$ting, the [email protected], or [email protected]$, & n0n-ending l0ck d0wns. A$k yourself why? What is it they R fond of saying – “Fo11ow the $cience”. How about the [email protected] $cience, not the doub1e-$peak or the [email protected] As Mao Ze d0ng said, “P0litic$ is [email protected] with0ut vi0lence…” Of course he also said “Reading too many books is [email protected]” There’s a lesson here folks.


      PUPPET BIDEN AND THE PUPPET MASTER obama will be gone.

    1. At least Obama can breathe a sigh of relief that he won’t be on the bottom of the list. Biden will be deemed the worst President in history with Obama one step above.

  2. I believe Joe and Harris, Nancy, Schumer needs to all be removed. We want Trump back. 2 Biden has been in office for 23 days and took many many jobs

  3. Wow, we have the worst President in history and in 3 weeks he destroyed our country and it is getting worse. Hope you Democrats see what he is doing to our country. Your taxes will go up, and the gas will be to the point that you will have to limit driving and they will be coming after your guns, $800.00 a year to pay if you own only one gun.

    1. I say the very same thing daily that I can not believe I am alive to see America destroyed from the inside. There is a purpose for us to be here on earth, I believe it is to try to get others to open their eyes, hearts, and minds as to what is going in America. I have had ugly remarks made towards me, but I know it is really towards God so I do not worry about those words. God bless all that make a stand to keep God in our country !!!

  4. God has not answered every problem of life, but He has Commanded man to live joyfully, repondsibly and wisely. Finally. the controlling factor of all of life should be the fear of god, that is, submission to God and His revelation [ Proverbs 1:7 ]. The certainty of divine judgement demands it. Ecclesiastes 12:12 – Proverbs 1:7.

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