#4: Jim Jordan hits the nail on the head – couldn’t agree more

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  1. Fund or defund? Get government out of the education. The police are probably the only government employs who acually earn their, after that it is the fire departments who are worth their salt.

  2. Works for me, the public schools are just places to brainwash young kids and I seem to remember that this past summer some people in power asked where the police were when the riots got close to their homes (these same people had decided to defund the police)

  3. We are the people that put them in office so we the people needs to fight back and put them out of office. They are turning America Into being a terrible place to live. They won’t let the people go to work and take care of their families and business get to reopen. But yet the want to bring people in our country to take care of and take away the food for ours kids. That is so wrong!!

  4. Require Mayors and other civil officials swear to uphold the constitution and the bill of rights, before they are sworn into their offices.

  5. Defund the teachers union everywhere in our country. Why should a union be getting money from the government?

  6. Get the Government out of our schools!!! Defund the Schools…. they are run by extremists who are forcing our children to be “Un-American” in every way possible!!! We need our law enforcement department in every state!!!! Right on Congressman Jordan!!!! Defund the teachers!!!

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