#4: James And Hunter Biden Are A Disgrace

The entire Biden family are enriching themselves off of the public.

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10 Responses

  1. One certainly should not neglect the biggest hog in the Biden family, the 50% cognitively disabled fool now in the Oval Office who makes all the extortion and graft possible.

  2. James & Hunter had to learn their bad habits from someone….could it be from Joe? Do you think Joe ever capitalized on being a senator or a VEEP? Do you think he ever took advantage of young secretaries, or children of constituents or even his own daughter? How could we even fathom that? Do you think Joe ever made money on foreign countries by negotiating bad deals with them to get special favors because he had the clout as VEEP? Oh, how could we think a good Catholic man would do that? Do you think Joe would pay to kill off babies not only here in the US but send money to other countries to kill more babies? He’s a Catholic. That’s against his religion. And you ask how/where Hunter and Jim could learn their dirty tricks. Look no further than to Brother/Father…their model.

  3. They are a family of criminals, just like clintons,vomit, mccakins, Pelosi waters.
    They all need to be in jail for life.

  4. I have a question for President Biden, i noticed that as the Biden family walked to the Whitehouse the whole Biden family appeared to be there. However I didn’t notice a little baby which might have been about one year old. Whats the matter Joe, you didn’t invite your youngest Grandson from Atkansas ? Shame on you and his father.

  5. Frank must be a special kind of stupid!!!!! little joey has screwed himself with the unions already by stopping the pipeline and $15 minimum wage, something else in Georgia. Maybe the law firm should fire him. Crazy runs in the family doesn’t it? I think hunter better stay out of the US, people would love to see him in jail.

    1. What about all the millions the Chinese have “donated “ to the Joe Biden Museum? I doubt they did that out of the goodness of their heart. Wonder what that is going to cost the citizens of this Republic.

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