#4: It Happened FINALLY – Trump Is Smiling

Finally a politician with a spine.

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  1. Good for you and all the comments with you…maybe someone who isnt clueless! 75 million people agree with you…keep listening!

  2. Biden should be investigated for possible violations of 5 CFR2635-702, and 18 USC 208; and, if found guilty – be removed from his newly gained position.

    1. You think so and I wish but if you consider who Obiden’s replacement would be, Harris Scare Us, she’d be even worse and if she were taken down as she should be, we’d get to work with (under) Pelosie!!! Be careful what you wish for! Besides, it isn’t Biden whose running the show now, its Obama’s third term!

  3. Look at what is happening already. Millions block on internet. Already the media tells you only a fraction of a real story and the rest is what they thing they should know. Never talk about certain ideas or thoughts and you will lose your job. Soon next door neighbor will be spying on you for the govt. Oh yeah they already are doing that too. China will be taught to you as your new religion. All is not well and the dark cloud is spreading the globe. You will be conformed. Times are super scary now.

  4. The GOP thinks they will take back the house in 2022. LMAO. What part of rigged election does the GOP not understand? The backlash that the GOP’s gonna face over their betrayal of Trump will be YUGE! They’re a laughing stock of the liberals and seen as traitors by conservatives. Maybe
    They know that…they’re fine with that…they’re just trying to get you to donate.
    Good luck with that!

    1. This election was riiged and anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that. The precedent has been set. Unless our government comes up with a fool proof method of voting, and since the darkside is in full command, they won’t. There will never be another honest election. We have seen the last of a two party state!

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