#4: How To Survive The Biden Administration – Only 6 Rules (Plus 1)

And if you’re Donald J. Trump, get some well-deserved rest.


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    1. I agree and wish them the best always. They deserve it. They were treated so ugly and vicious by MSM, hollyweirdd, donkeys, etc.
      God Bless them and the entire Trump family! He waorked his heart out to make America first and GREAT! And he did it.!
      Now theyre tearing it down and our Republic is dying.

    2. A good night’s sleep! You have earned eternal gratitude from 74 Million people! Always remember you are Blessed!

  1. thank you donald you truly r our greatest president GOD bless you and your family biden cant evan get close to keeping up with you im sorry they cheated you but they also cheated us all i keep praying for our country we surly need it now thanks again PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

  2. President Trump, my family loves you. My church prays for you everyday. God bless you and your whole family — keep you safe and healthy!

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